UPDATE: Sears.com Repeatedly Delivers Wrong Dryer, Doesn't Correct Website

We posted about how Ian started blogging his quest to get Sears to make up for delivering the wrong dryer, repeatedly. Now, the executive customer service types are ignoring his requests for a refund, despite their promises to do so in full. Ian has vowed to take Sears to small claims court-the last recourse for aggrieved customers.

Sucks that it’s come this far but we applaud Ian for his tenacity and wish him luck.

On a related note, here’s how to start a blog to tell the world about your customer service complaint. — BEN POPKEN

How Sears Ruined My Life


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  1. Red_Eye says:

    Well thats one heck of a bit of thorough documentation of the problem. I also think he was well within his right to record the conversation and didn’t even have to mention it. Sears reps give their authorization when they accept employment. IANAL but from what I understand thats the way it works.

    As for this diatribe, its truly horrible what one person can go through for something like this. Has he called his credit card company?? I sure would regardless of how long its been.

  2. Buran says:

    … CHARGEBACK!?!? That would be a lot simpler than dealing with them directly. There are people who specifically work on fraud and cases like this.

    I bet Sears will try harder once they find the money removed from their account. And they’ll have to fight your bankk, not you.

  3. Addison says:

    Has he called the credit card company to see if he can have the charges reversed? This is one reason that I try to make major purchases with my Amex as they will handle issues such as these without batting an eyelash.

  4. MonkeyMonk says:

    Delivery mishaps can really stink especially when you have to repeatedly take time off work to meet the delivery window.

    I had a similar situation happen with Crate and Barrel. I had ordered a glass top table and when it arrived it came two bases and no top because there had been a batch of mislabled boxes. The 2nd time it arrived I got two bases *again* even after being told over the phone it had been personally varified at the warehouse.

    Crate and Barrel eventually came through on the 3rd attempt but the CSR I had been working with was nice enough to refund all shipping fees and give me a $50 cash card for each failed delivery. A bad situtation but one handled in a way that made me an even more loyal C&B customer.

  5. ARPRINCE says:

    I believe he used a DEBIT CARD and that’s why he has all this fuss about the issue. And that’s also the reason why I never use a debit card!!

  6. Deusfaux says:

    Oh no debit card..? I was gonna come in here and yell about credit cards like everyone else. Poor guy.

  7. awall25 says:

    You can still dispute charges if you use a debit card.

    At least I can. I have on two separate instances without any problem.

  8. B says:

    He should have used a credit union. Or bought a mac. Or run Linux.

  9. B says:

    Actually, Sears should send him the dryer he ordered, and stop dicking him around. If he needs to sue them to get their attention, then they deserve it.

  10. RebekahSue says:

    Would it help, or hinder, if I wrote to Sears and tell them that we got our last appliance elsewhere after reading this thread? (We did, actually, go elsewhere but not because of the thread but, rather, because of a personal bad history with Sears service which got nipped in the bud as soon as we found another appliance company in the area.)

  11. qwr75 says:

    I recently went through a similar experience with Sears retail. Upon delivery, the dryer was missing a feature I had specifically asked the salesman about, something called Wrinkleguard III and was the deciding factor in the purchase. The dryer Sears delivered did not have this feature. Sears.com listed the model number we received as having Wrinkleguard III, I called Sears and the person I spoke with checked the website and confirmed the model dryer I purchased should have Wrinkleguard III. She said it must be a manufacturer error and scheduled an exchange.

    Day of the exchange (which I again took off from work) the SALESMAN from the retail store calls and says I got the dryer I ordered and tells me to come to the store if I want to make an exchange for the model with Wrinkleguard III, which by the way, costs $100 more.

    When we go to the store, we get the same story from the salesman who shows us the dryer we pointed out when we said “we’ll take that one.” Luckily, the sign over that dryer indicates that the dryer did in fact have Wrinkleguard III. He had to get the department manager who then had to go to the store manager to make the exchange for the dryer with the Wrinkleguard III. After another day spent waiting for delivery and exchange of the dryer we finally got the dryer we thought we were buying. As we left the appliance department, we saw the department manager put the same, incorrect sign back on top of the dryer without Wrinkleguard III!

    To add insult to injury, we just got the $60 delivery rebate rejection letter in the mail because their records indicate our purchase was exchanged.

    I guess now I’ll look at it as coming out on top compared to having to go to small claims court!

  12. hop says:

    we too now use a local appliance co. after a bad session with a sears csr….no more large stuff from sears….actually ,we don’t go to sears anymore……for anything…they tried to screw us on a sales item…..it’s a shame…sears used to be trustworthy…..

  13. bigvicproton says:

    yeah sears sucks now too. sears has a name that could be like LL BEAN, if they put some work and thought into it, but they seem hell bent on running it into the ground…

  14. Anonymous says:

    At least you received your dryer… I ordered a washer and dryer a while back, took the day of delivery off work only to have the delivery guys walk through the door with only a dryer hose … all that for several thousand dollars and ~$65 delivery!

    We then got the run-around on the phone for hours… they saw the order in the system, paid in full, to be delivered, but could not determine status or remedy their problem. Finally I was told that I had to come back into the store because they could not correct the delivery problem.

    It’s a good thing that I don’t live 100 miles from my local sears… unfortunatly for sears BEST BUY is nearby too… as BEST BUY was my first stop… where I ordered a new Samsung washer and dryer (which they delivered the next morning).

    I then CANCELLED MY SEARS ORDER and GOT A FULL REFUND…. After which SEARS delviery service’s automated calls begain again – calling to deliver the washer and dryer from the cancelled order!

    My Best Buy experience was so good that I have since purchased a nice Samsung 29 cu. ft. french door refrigerator from them… which again they delivered and installed the next morning.

    SEARS is the WORST… I will NEVER do business with them again… I tell all my friends to shop elsewhere. Shop ANYWHERE BUT SEARS.