Personal Finance Roundup

Image courtesy of FREE MONEY FINANCE

A Thought Experiment in Age/Income Dynamics [Political Calculations] “What will be the effect of the retirement of income earners in the baby boom generation upon the distribution of income in the U.S.? Today, we’re going to do a back-of-the-envelope analysis as part of a thought experiment to take a stab at foreseeing the future!”

Beware of Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) [Money Crashers] “When it’s time to tap the equity in your home, you usually have two options. Both will get you the money you want, but one may lower your credit scores…be careful.”

10 Reasons To Hate Finances [Saving Advice] “I am thankful that calculators are now ubiquitous and I don’t have to deal with anything more complex for my personal economics than addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.”

Tips for a cheap but chic wedding [Star Tribune] “We want to be budget-conscious about our wedding, but we also want to be friendly to the environment. Here are some ways we’re cutting costs, while helping to save the planet.”

Six Tips for Success Right Out of College [Yahoo Finance] “Here are six guidelines to help launch your career with real momentum.”