Amway's Baaaaaaccck!

Like a sequel to a horror movie, the Amway brand name is bursting out of a shallow grave, reports ABCmoney:

The move also was widely viewed as a way of helping the company shed some of the negative connotations the Amway name had acquired. The Quixtar name, however, never resonated with the public.

‘Research has shown us that the Quixtar name is weaker and less known in the U.S. and Canada than we ever expected,’ the memo said. ‘Meanwhile, even eight years after leaving North America, the Amway name is stronger and better known than we realized.’

Multi-Level-Marketing brandwashing is like Lady Macbeth and her damn spot. — BEN POPKEN

Amway brand on the way back [ABCmoney] (Thanks to Rampant Octopus!)

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