When You Can't Trust Your Eyes, Trust A Test Disc

Smart consumers don’t compare the picture quality of floor models when shopping for a new television; crafty salespeople try to subvert your senses with flashy media that highlights the strengths of expensive models. So how can you objectively judge which television has the best picture? Bring along your own test disc.

The Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) test discs were designed to objectively demonstrate a television’s capabilities:

…the discs have a series of five simple tests that will help a shopper see how well an HDTV or disc player can reduce visual noise, reproduce curved lines without “jaggies” and recreate images with full resolution and picture clarity, among other things.

The discs are $20, and can be ordered directly from HQV. Take that, crafty salespeople. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

When a High-Definition Picture Is Too Good to Believe, See How It Handles This Test Disc [NYT]
HQV Benchmark DVD

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