Consumerist Undercover At IDT Energy: Status Report

If you’re just now tuning in, we’ve been doling out daily pieces of our multi-part investigation into IDT-Energy. They’re an energy reseller in the New York area and we’ve received multiple complaints about their salesperson’s dressing as ConEd workers and doing other funny stuff at the door to get people to sign over. So we sent in Brian Fairbanks undercover to get hired at Midtown Promotions, a direct-sales marketing company IDT-Energy contracted to get subscribers.

Here’s his filings to date:

Day One
The Job Interview
The Day Of O
Let’s Get Juiced
The Meeting
NEXT: The Meltdown

We’ve also gone through these posts and added in more explicit info about how some of what Brian saw at Midtown Promotions tracked parallel to complaints about offices once affiliated with DS-MAX (now known as Innovage) — alleged to have been an Amway-like sleazy multi-level -marketing operation.

Add the Undercover at IDT-Energy tag to your RSS reader and watch as the story continues to unfold before your eyes like a splayed deer in the sun. — BEN POPKEN

Note: No definitive ties have been established between Midtown Promotions and DS-MAX/Innovage.

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