Stuck With A 2 Litre Of Flat Coca-Cola? Cook With It!

Some dumbass didn’t tighten the cap on the Coke? It’s no big deal. Apparently, Coke is as acidic as lemon juice or vinegar, making it a good (albeit probably not very healthy) product to cook with, according to the South Carolina newspaper The State.

We thought Coca-Cola glazed chicken wings sounded pretty good… The article has a few more recipes reprinted from the book, “Classic Cooking With Coca-Cola,” although to be truly classic we suppose you’ll have to wait for Passover Coke. (Hint: It’s made with real sugar.) —MEGHANN MARCO

Coca-Cola in the mix [The State]
(Photo:Lisa Pisa)


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  1. Abusiveelusive says:

    Yeah, I have a recipe that uses this.

    Basically if I remember right, you put a cup of ketchup and a half cup (maybe) of coke in a skillet. Stir. Place in chicken breasts. Simmer for 45 minutes.

    It comes out like a sweet BBQ sauce.

  2. enm4r says:

    There are quite a few marinades that are quite good with coke as their main ingredient. I’m sure a few simple searches would yield some results similar to what I use. I was quite surprised at how good it could actually be.

  3. GreatMoose says:

    I use that same recipe, except I like to use Dr. Pepper instead. Great way to make some quick BBQ.

  4. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    @GreatMoose: Try it with Moxie (if available in your area). Moxie tastes like liquid ashtray, but cooking with it gives an interesting bittersweet taste to the BBQ sauce.

  5. bbbici says:

    i made a dr pepper glazed ham once. fantastico!

  6. Kornkob says:

    ‘Passover coke’ is also supposed to be the same as the coke made in Mexico. Look for the yellow caps on the 2 liter bottles.

  7. Dubnacious says:

    pour the coke into a sauce pan and reduce on a low heat till it’s thickens, and becomes syrupy enough to thinly coat the back of a spoon. Let it cool then drizzle on tuna tartar, with a little sesame chili oil.

    Please don’t try this with diet coke.

  8. alk509 says:

    My mother used to cook some coke-infused pork ribs that were absolutely out of this world. Glad to see other people know the “secret”. :-)

  9. Snakeophelia says:

    Not at all surprised to see this is in my hometown paper. Southern cooks have been using Coke in recipes for years.

  10. dohtem says:

    Funny just last nite someone was telling me that they had went out for fondue that was made with beer.

  11. mikyrok says:

    That sounds fairly unhealthy.

  12. Jasmo says:

    we were just talking at work about a guy who drank a 2 liter of coke every day and got diabetes and went blind.

  13. acambras says:

    I have a recipe for a Coca-Cola cake. It’s pretty good, because it has some chocolate in it, but it’s not overpoweringly chocolaty.

  14. AskCars says:

    coke bbq sauce is pretty good actually. I make a lot of bbq sauces and that’s a good one for beer can chicken. Yep, beer can chicken, coke bbq sauce…hmmm

  15. feralparakeet says:

    You can get coke with real sugar from most any hispanic grocery… two or three near me have it in the glass bottles. I thought about cooking with it, but it just plain tastes better – forget that high fructose corn syrup crap.

  16. Buran says:

    What’s with the camo Coke truck?

  17. ninjapoodles says:

    Coca-Cola cake is very popular in the South, and you can be assured of finding at least one on any pot-luck dessert table.

    As far as the sauce that “sounds fairly unhealthy,” it’s not really any more unhealthy than any other barbecue-type sauce. You have to have some form of sugar for a proper sauce–have you ever seen how much sugar is in ketchup?

  18. etinterrapax says:

    Lileks shows a lot of images from a Cooking With 7-Up cookbook on his site. He also has some from a similar booklet on Dr. Pepper. My personal favorite is “Moms know!” that mixing 7-Up and milk is a wholesome and delicious thing to feed to children. Which…we do?! Wholesome???!!!

  19. ChiefDanGeorge says:

    What’s with the camo Coke truck?

    You see, the truck is on a NASCAR track as well as being camouflaged. It is common knowledge we Southerners all like hunting and NASCAR.

  20. acambras says:

    NASCAR = Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

  21. ChiefDanGeorge says:
  22. Chaosium says:


    Fondue is generally made with alcohol, that’s not quite the same as cooking with pop.

  23. captainvegetable says:

    I remember seeing an episode of America’s Test Kitchen on PBS where they determined that one of the best ways to brine pork was in a solution containing one or two bottles of cola, as I recall. Pretty strange to me, but I am a weirdo vegetarian, anyway.

  24. acambras says:


    I don’t know — are there a lot of rednecks in Cuba and the Dominican Republic?

  25. Ikki says:

    Hm, am I the only one who likes their coke flat? I find that it’s easier to drink that way, and it’s sweeter and smoother as well.

    Not that I’m saying that I prefer flat coke, but sometimes it’s better if 3/4 of the bottle isn’t CO2 bubbling up from the depths.

  26. CyGuy says:

    excellent simmering sauce for brisket or meatballs:

    1 can of Coke(tm)
    1 bottle of Heinz(tm) Chili Sauce
    3 lbs cooked brisket SLICED ACROSS THE GRAIN – or cooked meatballs

    put everything into a crockpot on lowest setting for 3-6 hours until brisket starts to crumble when prodded by a fork (or for meat balls, when sauce has begun to carmelize)

    Serve over rice (I prefer either parboiled long-grain brown rice which is easy to prepare in a microwave, or if you have a rice cooker, long grain brown Basmati rice).

  27. silverlining says:

    Ugh. Why not throw a bottle of corn syrup in instead and be done with it :P

  28. hoosier45678 says:

    I can vouch that this recipe for coke-braised carnitas is fantastic:

    Whether or not it is carnitas is another issue.

  29. synergy says:

    “we suppose you’ll have to wait for Passover Coke. (Hint: It’s made with real sugar”

    Or live anywhere close to the Mexican border or near a relatively large hispanic/Mexican community.

  30. lindyman77 says:

    Two Words…
    Nigella Lawson

    She’s one of my favourite cooks and she makes one mean Ham-in-coke dish. Here’s the recipe if you want to try it, beware though you won’t go back to your granny’s tough, dried out, cardboard ham again!