Want To Cancel Your Energy "Savings?" That'll Be $1800

Consumers need to beware of door-to-door energy salespersons, reports WCBS. Jane Malone was told she could “lock in savings” with a 5 year contract with US Energy, but when she got her bill it was double what she was paying before. The service charges alone were more than the price of the energy. When she went to cancel, they wanted to charge her $1800 in cancellation fees.

“Several companies are engaging in these very aggressive tactics against consumers and small businesses, many of the people and the businesses are getting ripped off,” said City Councilman John Liu. “There needs to be stronger regulation.” — BEN POPKEN

Rising Energy Costs Leave Many Vulnerable To Scams [WCBS]
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  1. Jasmo says:

    Simple solution here and in many places – don’t ever respond to an unsolicited offer. Period. At the gas station, at your door, on the phone, in the mail – just remember – first and foremost they are always trying to make themselves money. Usually that’s where their concern ends. They are never actively trying to save you money – but they will try very hard to make you think so. If it sounds good, take some literature and do your homework and then make the deal on your time, at your initiation. This is common sense, folks. These companies don’t employ hard-sell salespeople to hunt you down and save you money.

  2. Chaosium says:

    Why on earth to people in this day and age ever buy anything from door-to-door salespeople?

  3. mantari says:

    @Chaosium: Yeah! IDT should be leveraging the power of the Internet to lock people into contracts.

  4. dohtem says:

    To quote the (in)famous Vincent Ferrari, “cancel the account!!””

  5. SOhp101 says:

    Agreed with Jasmo. A company is committed to making profits, not saving its customers money.

  6. Trick says:

    Plain and simple, if I didn’t come to you asking for something, I’m not buying.


    If you call me, knock on my door or send it to me by mail or e-mail. I will not buy. I may even be interested and maybe it could be something I want.

    Nope. I still won’t buy it.