Home Depot Employees Fired For Helping Police Catch Shoplifters

If you work at Home Depot, you’re not allowed to “accuse, detain, chase or call the police on any customer for shoplifting,” according to an internal memo. 4 Home Depot employees in Midwest City, OK found out the hard way that Home Depot is serious about this policy. They were terminated because they “pursued and assisted in the apprehension of suspected shoplifters.” From KOCO:

“We saw them with the merchandise. We saw them run out of the store. I never kept my eyes off of them. Then when we asked them for a receipt, and that’s when they dropped the merchandise and they kept running. One guy still had a chainsaw while he was running, and that’s when the cops tackled him,” he said.

The letter said Stewart and the others were fired because “he pursued and assisted in the apprehension of suspected shoplifters.”

Stewart said all he did was call police, something he’s done before. Less than eight months ago, he said that he received a letter — a commendation letter — for helping police catch a thief trying to steal $2,500 worth of wire.

On the top of the letter, written in bold letters was “Great job, Bob.”

All we know is that we are not brave enough to tackle a man with a chainsaw. —MEGHANN MARCO

Man Says Home Depot Fired Workers For Catching Thieves [KOCO]
(Photo: jclarson)

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