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Image courtesy of BillMumphry thinks: "NYPD should have told him to go fist himself."

  • Bank CEO Uses NYPD As Personal Thugs
    BillMumphry thinks: “NYPD should have told him to go fist himself.

  • Walmart Sells Refurb TVs As New?
    Ptkdude promises: “After reading this story I promise I’ve bought my last toothbrush at Wal-Mart!

  • Can’t Give You The Rest Of The CDRs You Ordered, Because That Would Mean Actually Reading Your Emails
    Nickripley notes: “CD-R’s were expensive back when all this started!

  • Air Traveler With Drug Resistant TB Quarantined By CDC
    Trai-dep says: “When the CDC calls you and says they’d love to fly you from where you are to where they are, ASAP, on a government jet, that’s a pretty clear sign that commercial flights aren’t advisable. If you’re a human being. Jerk.

  • Is Walmart Too Cheap For Its Own Good?
    Naughty Consumer says: “Put this in the tin-foil beanie category if you want, but I am convinced (at least in the home electronics arena) that suppliers have a mainstream QA/QC standard and a “Wal-Mart” supply standard.

  • Consumerist Undercover At IDT Energy: The Job Interview
    Mdkiff says: “I can’t wait for the next installment – like the old serials my grandparents told me about….

  • Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 28
    MentalDisconnect says: “I am a Jew and I am very offended…. wait.. that’s not the issue anymore. Does Walmart know how to recall anything?

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