Casey Serin Shutters Foreclosure Blog got foreclosed.

Casey Serin, the 24 year old who bought 8 homes in an attempt to fix n’ flip, and then started a blog about his ridiculous schemes to get out of $170,000 in debt without having to do any real work, has stopped blogging.

A note on his site now reads: is over. It will never return.

Advertisers: Feel free to cancel your PayPal subscription. I will be issuing pro-rated refunds this week.

Everybody: I’m very sorry to end like this.

Thanks to all the supporterz, haterz and everyone who wrote about me. You guys made the last 9 crazy months of blogging possible.

You may contact me or join my mailing list here.

Casey Serin
May 31, 2007

Perhaps being profiled by Cnet as “the world’s most hated blogger” had something to do with it. Goodbye, Casey. Now it’s time to get a job, you schmuck. If these two recent pictures from his Flickr account are to be believed, and connected, he already has… in the exciting field of real estate! — BEN POPKEN

Thousand Bucks Kitchen Table! and The Real Estate Investor Manbag [Casey’s photostream] [Official Site] (Thanks to Aaron!)

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