Skybus Review: Worth No More Than $10

A member of the Jaunted travel blog flew Skybus, the new ultra-no-frills airline where you can get a $10 ticket, and said it was, “[w]orth the $10 and not a penny more.

VA Gator found the staff, dressed in tshirts, poorly trained and he didn’t like how his luggage ended up not coming with him. He also had issue with their overly casual customer interaction. The flight itself was as good as a normal one and the food sold by the craft cart, “DID actually look and smell good.” However, he found the seats narrow and the legroom, “non-existent.”

To us, this sounds like a case of you get what you pay for. You wants your budget travel, you gets your budget travel. However, passengers with low BS tolerance for BS might want to wait a while until the Skybus employees finish their on-the-job training. — BEN POPKEN

Skybus Flight Reviews: Ten Dollar High Life Or Headache? [Jaunted via Upgrade: Travel Better]
(Photo: Mark)

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