Skybus Review: Worth No More Than $10

A member of the Jaunted travel blog flew Skybus, the new ultra-no-frills airline where you can get a $10 ticket, and said it was, “[w]orth the $10 and not a penny more.

VA Gator found the staff, dressed in tshirts, poorly trained and he didn’t like how his luggage ended up not coming with him. He also had issue with their overly casual customer interaction. The flight itself was as good as a normal one and the food sold by the craft cart, “DID actually look and smell good.” However, he found the seats narrow and the legroom, “non-existent.”

To us, this sounds like a case of you get what you pay for. You wants your budget travel, you gets your budget travel. However, passengers with low BS tolerance for BS might want to wait a while until the Skybus employees finish their on-the-job training. — BEN POPKEN

Skybus Flight Reviews: Ten Dollar High Life Or Headache? [Jaunted via Upgrade: Travel Better]
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  1. CumaeanSibyl says:

    No more than $10? I don’t know, there are places that’ll charge you a lot more to destroy your circulation and lose your luggage.

  2. PenguinBlue says:

    I don’t envy the first group of passengers who get to wait in line to deal with those employees after a flight gets cancelled. I’m sticking with full-fare airlines!

  3. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Well, you get what you get. For the price (realizing of course that only the first 10 seats are $10)…you get what you pay for. For some people, it might allow them to travel where they couldn’t before, and for those adventurous people with legs of steel, maybe it’s worth it being able to explore new places or visit loved ones.

    For the price, my expectations wouldn’t be sky-high.

  4. mantari says:

    You’d have to be a serious travel snob to turn your nose up at a $10 airplane seat.

  5. jblake1 says:

    Just try snagging a $10.00 fare. It’s a gimmick. Most people will pay significantly more for the same $10.00 crap service. In addition they will be getting even less.

    1. The planes they have now are not theirs. They are leased from Virgin America and hold 12 less seats then Skybus plans to have on their own planes they are getting from Airbus. (ie. even less legroom).

    2. They won’t sell you a connection. If you want fly round trip across the country you have to buy two round trips through Columbus, claim your bags and recheck in folks they won’t transfer your luggage; That you paid them to check and you’ll pay again when you check in again in Columbus (pay 4 bag fees times for a round trip yippie)

    I bet they burn through their cash very very fast.

  6. lesbiansayswhat says:

    On their website I choose flights from Columbus to every city available and the cheapest flight was $ way.

  7. doodbugboodles says:

    I love Toblerone. It’d be coll if the airlines over here sold food like that. Well, maybe they do. It’s been awhile since I have flown.

  8. doodbugboodles says:

    cool not coll- duh

  9. timmus says:

    What she said: what $10 tickets?

  10. Amry says:

    The $10 tickets to the best destinations were gone by midday on the day they went on sale. This was a very big deal here in Columbus, and everyone I know was talking about it, and had a story about someone they knew who’d purchased 5 or more tickets.

    At this point, I’d assume you’ll have to watch and wait for when they start selling seats past January. Only the first 10 seats on each plane are $10.

  11. FLConsumer says:

    No thanks… I’m still trying to find the airline which is willing to provide quality service…and I’m willing to pay for it.

  12. RandomHookup says:

    Anyone who wants a good travel deal should try the Fung Wah bus. $10 gets you not only transportation, but a high probability of free entertainment, including guest appearances by the police or fire department.

  13. Nytmare says:

    @RandomHookup made me read another Wikipedia article.

  14. slapstick says:

    That reviewer sure likes multiple punctuation marks?!!?!?!

  15. roamer1 says:


    They won’t sell you a connection. If you want fly round trip across the country you have to buy two round trips through Columbus, claim your bags and recheck in folks they won’t transfer your luggage

    That is completely absurd; I’ve never heard of any US airline that operates that way.

  16. Triteon says:

    @FLConsumer: …and I’m willing to pay for it.
    You’re obviously not an American! :)

  17. bigvicproton says:

    this is like RYAN air here in europe. fares that almost never exist for greyhound bus misery but with the airport check-in misery added. i thank god for my agoraphobia which prevents me from leaving the house and blundering onto one of these airlines…

  18. The Bigger Unit says:

    Yeah, no kidding…I pay $700 to fly airlines that lose my luggage like clockwork and have no legroom anyway, so $10 seems pretty sweet to me. If only it was available where I live.

  19. pjmudd says:

    The reviewers account of what happend sounded like to me they were hoping/expecting things to go awry and was ready to deal with it when they did. I’ve yet to see any real bad reviews of Skybus so far. Here’s a more detailed account, Besides, even if I had the experience this person did, for $10, give me a break, that’s almost 4 gallons of gas for your car. I’ve been paying 20-30 times that for years now and have always gotten horrible service from airlines.

  20. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    Add in all the extra fees and the $10 seats will still be a bargain, no matter how many times you have to pick up your luggage.

    OTOH, the $10 seats are practically non-existant. Those who say, “it’s crappy but you get what you pay for” forget that most people are paying a normal rate.

  21. cashmerewhore says:

    To date I have purchased two round trip flights on Skybus (I live in Columbus). For $20 (well, $40.60 after fees) I can get away for a weekend. That’s cheaper than driving. And yes, I’ve snagged many a $10 fare for myself and family. I even plan on buying a candy bar or soda on my trip. Why? Because the flight attendants only make $9/hr. You can get a $9/hr job at several $h!tty local employers.

  22. FrequentlyFlying says:

    Another drawback to Skybus is that they have no customer service call center–everything is done through their website. When I tried to check in online for my flight, I found out that my reservation had disappeared from their system. A message to their online Help Center wasn’t answered for over 24 hours (after my flight took off). No matter how cheap the ticket, it isn’t a bargain if you can’t take the flight.

  23. lilmislkn says:

    We flew on Skybus last weekend. We paid $60 each from Ft Laud to Columbus. We didn’t expect as much as a full fare airline, but our experience was well below even our lowest expectations. The computers were not working, the conveyor belt not working. The tee-shirted staff appeared as though they had no idea what they were doing. Once on the plane, the tee-shirted and unkept flight attendants definitely did not know what they were doing. Obviously the staff were all hired off the street with no prior airline experience. Flights were all very late. Baggage took an hour to get to the turnstile for pickup. Lots and lots of kids on each flight. That’s ok if they are well behaved but they were not. The seats were leather, a cheap leather. I felt sardined in, absolutely no leg room. We will not fly Skybus again unless many of the “kinks” are worked out and some confidence and professionalism is portrayed by the staff.

  24. author6659 says:

    My husband and I flew on Skybus to Fort Myers (actually the flight goes to Punta Gorda about 30 minutes north of Fort Myers), then back again a few days later. Each round trip ticket was $200. Our experience was quite poor, with the only positive feature being that the flight was non-stop. The first flight was delayed for 90 minutes, the second flight was delayed for 45 minutes. Their equipment that connected the walk-on ramp to the plane’s doors was not working. A panel fell off the plane as it was taxiing to the runway and we had to sit and wait for that to be replaced. The flight attendants appear to be high school or college kids who wear black tee shirts, giggle with each other, and don’t seem to know what they’re doing. Two of the attendants said this was their very first flight ever. There were too many young infants and toddlers on the plane and I had to wear ear plugs to block out their screaming. I’m 5 foot 2 and 115 pounds and the seats were marginal even for me. Everybody else appeared to be crammed in. Oh, and the “cattle call” boarding was terrible, with people pushing each other and cutting each other off just to get one spot ahead in line. It looked like a junior high school cafeteria line. Very embarrassing to witness. We won’t be flying Skybus again.

  25. esq2003 says:

    ” There were too many young infants and toddlers on the plane and I had to wear ear plugs to block out their screaming.”

    Parents who take their kids flying. Huh. The nerve!

  26. lee1PA says:

    We flew from Columbus to Kansas City last week. It cost $90 RT. Everything went smoothly for us and it should for you too if you follow the rules. I recommend checking in the night before and taking care of your bags at the same time. Since you pay for each bag for each part of the trip pack light if you can. By decreasing our bags by one we saved $20. Don’t show up late for your flight. You will get dumped I saw it happen to two people trying to catch an earlier Skybus flight. Some reviewers are not impressed by the more casual appearance and communication style of Skybus employees. The black shirts are simply a different uniform which reflects the budget nature of the company. Are the employees as “professional” as you’ll find elsewhere? No, but they did seem to try to be helpful when asked. Our pilot on the way out actually stood by the cockpit and spoke to everyone (a slight sales pitch really) before we left the gate. The flight crew was never pushy about selling stuff. But nothing is free on the plane. We had to walk outdoors and up metal stairs to our plane in Columbus. On the way back from KC we used the standard jetway. Our flight back was delayed 1.5 hrs but this was the day after the biggest snowfall in Columbus history. The day before flights were cancelled altogether. The planes are new, clean Airbus 319’s. I would fly with them again if the opportunity comes up and it will save me $. But if you need to be pampered or you are a whiner (and you know who you are) go elsewhere.


    LOL @ NotWhoRUPepole… well, well, well.. lets look at the Columbus dispatch.. can we say goodbye and good riddance to $10 flights.. The US economy cannot support an airline like this.. Bad Customer Service and now a most deffiently strike/walk-out by the pilots will most likely be the end of Skybird… my projection for Skybird is this:

    Skybird pilots who are asked to go and get your own water for the employee lounge on their off time,will sign union contracts by april… you get paid 1/2 the salary to fly the plane and now have to be the delivery service as well.. that’s great management!!!!
    I smell a STRIKE as soon as may which coincidentally is when Skyhut will release there 4th quarter profit earnings (I mean losses for Skyrut) I figure losses close to 35 million dollars will be inline for their 4th quarter, which is suppost to be the most profitable quater of the year.
    Skyhub will have no choice but to give a 25% raise to their well deserved pilots and co-pilots resulting in larger fairs, giving southwest the number one spot back by mid-july and blaming their employees for the higher prices publicly.. The bad publicity the organization creates on themselves from trying to blame employees will have horrible effects on the staff and crew, resulting in another strike from pilots and causing flight attendants (however dumb they may be for getting paid $7.75 to $9.00 and hour when they could have gotten hired on another airline for $16.00 to $23.00 an hour) to join a union resulting in a strike from the FA by late october…
    I predict that Skyruput will be out of business by December 2008, 19 months after takeoff to Burbank.