Contact Executive Customer Service Roundup

Executive customer service is a firewall team that keeps your complaints from disturbing busy executives golf games. Very often, they do this by actually solving your problems, possessing superhuman powers to command all parts of the company to action, from billing to technical. Here’s how to reach some of them for certain companies we’ve gathered the information for.

All US Airline CEO’s Contact Infos
Giant List Of Cellphone Company Departments’ Direct Numbers
List Of Consumer Electronics Customer Service Contacts
Apple – Email Steve Jobs
Apple – Executive Customer Service
Bank of America Executive Relations
Bank of America – CEO’s mailing address
Bell Canada
Dish Network
Geek Squad
Sony Ericsson
Time Warner Cable – Executive Customer Service
Time Warner Cable – Level 3Tech Support
United Airlines
Washington Mutual

Don’t see the company you want on the list? No problem. Here’s a nearly fool-proof method for reaching them yourself. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. ganzhimself says:

    We need Charter Communications Executive Customer Service number or email… But otherwise, this is a pretty nice list!

  2. Henri says:

    The list would be nicer if it were alphabetical by company instead of by name of the article it was presented in.

    But still very good stuff…

  3. Buran says:

    @ganzhimself: Yes, please, I need that.

  4. Ben Popken says:

    @Henri: Good idea! Done.

  5. Serpephone says:

    Need the contact info for Wachovia Bank–they just hit me with another “mysterious” fee–this one says “$2 Miscellaneous Fee”… the description should read “WE ARE TAKING THIS MONEY BECAUSE WE FEEL YOU HAVEN’T PAID IN YOUR SHARE LATELY fee”–same thing to me!

    When is it going to end? What is it going to take?

    …”I am on a mission to SPREAD THE WORD!”…

  6. aarrgghh says:

    What about the really important names like the insurance companies CEO’s. Talk about customer service intervention! I need Unum’s CEO Thomas Watjen. Any thoughts or additional tips?

  7. ribex says:

    Seriously need to get a comparable number for

    I have had some atrocious customer service experience issues with them. Their email help is useless, as noted here. The problems I’ve had always get fixed eventually but the process is like pulling hen’s teeth. It seems like the phone CSRs have no actual power to do anything.

    Unfortunately, enough of my purchases there go off without a hitch, and the prices keep bringing me back… :(

  8. satoru says:

    Does anyone have an executive contact support number for Home Depot?

    Though I have had pretty good service from them, I will attest that many others have had some atrocious experiences with them. An executive contact number would be something I would definitely like to have for the inevitable time when I will get screwed by Home Depot

  9. frankkaric says:

    Here is a letter I sent after finding this very useful information in your article…Probably will do about as much good as a betting on a poodle at Michael Vic’s house but hey I feel a little better after saying my piece:

    It’s a week before the season starts, and the anticipation is growing…I can’t wait to see my favorite team play cause now I have Dish Network and an HD setup…..I get onto the computer to order the NFL Sports package because I see that the only team I care about watching is not covered on any of my 200+ channels. But no big deal, I have a dish now…everyone knows that a dish gets you all the games you want…I mean that is the best thing about having HD…….or so I thought. To my surprise and dismay you offer no NFL season ticket type package. I really couldn’t believe it!…I thought maybe I missed it…I mean you have NHL NCAA NBA MLB and even…British Soccer??!! But no NFL…WHY? So I called your “Award Winning Customer service representatives”….in the PHILLIPINES!!….After repeated requests for an American or at least English speaking representative that could understand what I was asking about I finally derive d that he said Dish Network does not offer any NFL Package….but may be going through negotiations with a provider for the games. Then he began Trying to tell me to check all my other channels for the games after I already told him I did and they were not there. He would not give me anymore details on the possibility of NFL coverage, or elaborate whatsoever. After asking again for a US based call center I was given a lecture on how he understood me perfectly and knew the company and it’s products and was perfectly capable of assisting me….Yea right….And I never got a US contact number.
    This is not the first time I have had issues with Dish Network’s “customer (no) service”. Technical help was a complete nightmare with a foreign representative. And trying to call again during normal business hours made no difference…..still got a foreign country.

    So It now appears to me that Dish Network is one of these companies that suckers you in with great looking offers and free gifts, (which I still have not received…Representitive’s said it is another company and the can’t do anything). And dazzles you with commercials about their award winning customer service. Then when you are trapped in a contract the lights come on and reality sets in. Outsourcing calls saves a lot of money I’m sure and it sure was a surprise to find that such a huge American pastime as football was not offered in a package like the, I’m sure, hugely popular British Soccer package. I wonder what other surprises you have in store for me through the remainder of my contract?

    I am not a hard guy to please. I am old fashioned and am all about how I am treated from the businesses I pay for service. I would pay more and accept less just to be treated like I mattered and they were glad to have my business. Great Customer sevice causes me to feel loyal to a company and when I feel that they wouldn’t even need a contract, because they would keep my business. But now Dish Network seems to be one of those companies that make their money by trapping customers into contracts instead of gaining buisness though quality service and support. Being a very large company does not preclude you from achieving these standards. Of course it is not the easiest route, but money doesn’t follow you to the grave…your reputation, and the memory of how you have treated others does

    I Truly hope this is just a hiccup in the growing process of this company. I hope My initial impression of your company is proven wrong. I hope that this message is not just buried in the every day corporate melee of mail and messages or I am sent some canned response…but I guess that will give me my answer. I have many choices for Television providers just as the rest of America…and whatever corners you cut now ( Outsourcing calls) may increase your profit now…but it WILL catch up to you. You reap what you sew.

    For now I guess I will just find a friend with DirectTV to spend Sundays with.

    Thank you for your time,