Flying? Avoid New York And Its Huge Delays

Here’s a fun statistic, delays at JFK were up 140.6% in April compared to last year. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like we can blame the airlines for this one. According to NY Senator Chuck Schumer, the increase in delays is probably due to a shortage of air traffic controllers. Chuck says:
“You sit on the runway all hours; the weather is fine, and there isn’t an unusual increase in the number of flights. Yet you sit and sit and sit,” he said.” An FAA spokesperson thinks Schumer is smoking some fine dope,

FAA spokesman Laura Brown acknowledged there have been more delays nationwide and in New York, but said increased flights, not a lack of flight controllers, were to blame.

“The number of air traffic controllers – and I can’t stress this enough – has nothing to do with delays,” Brown said. “We have a certain number of runways and airports to handle the traffic, and the system is stretched to capacity.”

Yes, yes, it’s nobody’s fault. Kinda makes you want to drive… until you remember that premium gas is over $4.00 per gallon in some places. —MEGHANN MARCO

Time sure doesn’t fly – Schumer [Daily News]
(Photo: JohnKit)

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