Apple Store Blocks MySpace

It’s a sad day for cheap vain people, the Apple Store has blocked MySpace. One can no longer hog the computers taking pursed-lipped self-portraits with PhotoBooth and uploading them to MySpace. Apparently, such people were clogging up the Macs for hours at a time.

Who knew? Anyway, we support this decision. Stores are for shopping! —MEGHANN MARCO

Apple Blocks MySpace In All Their Stores [Gizmodo]
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  1. jeffj-nj says:

    myspace is the single worst thing to happen to the internet.

    (which I’m aware of)

  2. Chicago7 says:

    Wow! They really blew on that one! How many people were posting pictures saying “LOOK! I’m in the Apple Store!”

    /free advertising


  3. Christopher says:

    Meanwhile, someone was behind that kid posting pictures on MySpace patiently waiting to see if he/she really wanted to buy that MacBook Pro, money in hand.

    After waiting for 15 minutes, they just gave up and went to Best Buy. Now Apple’s lost money.

    As someone who used to work in a retail environment with internet connected computers, I know that this is a real problem. Teenagers, who have no intent on spending money, come in and spend hours on MySpace, preventing real customers from demoing something their considering purchasing.

  4. dave.macgeek says:

    I visited my local Apple store one late afternoon and every computer was surrounded by teenagers on MySpace. The store personel told me how difficult it was to deal with. I salute Apple for doing this.

  5. John Stracke says:

    Now I don’t feel so bad about the time I stopped in to check the weather forecast.

  6. minneapolisite says:

    Because some teens bahave poorly, other teens with real buying power are treated like dirt at retail stores. I’m glad Apple is weeding out the riffraff.

  7. k8supergrover says:

    Who even uses myspace anymore?

    Although, they better not block facebook….

    They could get around the problem by having to have a “genius” log you on or something, or say that it times out every 5 minutes and there is a super simple log-in but after logging in 3 times you have to talk to an employee or something.

  8. davere says:

    Good! I went in one day with the intention or purchasing a laptop but of course I wanted some personal time with each of the laptops before making a final decision. Apparently there was some kind of field trip to the mall (what the hell?) and every single computer was taking up by a kid on MySpace. I’m not exaggerating. Every computer.

    After waiting around for 10 minutes I walked out without making a purchase. I ended up making a “blind” decision and ordering from Amazon.

  9. Buran says:

    @CBragg: Why didn’t you just throw the kids off and say “sorry, someone has asked for a demo”? It’s one thing to let them goof around when there’s no one actually wanting to buy, but c’mon, be polite but speak up and it works wonders.

  10. sonic0boom says:

    So, what’s the deal? Mommy and daddy go shopping and drop off the kids at the Apple Store? And all these kids just so happen to check their myspace accounts?

  11. Buran says:

    @davere: I’d have walked up to the kid on the laptop I wanted to look at, said “Excuse me, I am considering buying one of these, I would like to check it out now” and if the kid refused to move, raised my voice to say “Excuse me, I need some help here” to a staff member. Kid should flee at that point.

    Or, aren’t these kids chaperoned? Their chaperone could kick them off too.

  12. aviationwiz says:

    The only thing I’m left wondering is… why didn’t they do it sooner?!

  13. mac-phisto says:

    honestly, i really don’t care a whit about this, but it can set a dangerous precedent. first, they block myspace. then, numerous other social networks, followed by email accounts, video sites, popular blogs such as the consumerist…next thing you know, you can’t browse the pages you want to view to see if the machine works for you.

    if kids can’t get on myspace, they’ll just find something else that will entertain them, or use a proxy to hit the pages they want to hit. meanwhile, a shopping customer trying out a new mac may get frustrated by encountering blocked page after blocked page.

    i think there could be better methods for controlling the abuse of the privileges.

  14. hemaphore says:

    why give internet access at all?

    Just isolate them to the page.

  15. FLConsumer says:

    Good, they got rid of MySpace, now to rid the entire ‘net of that site.

  16. Buran says:

    @FLConsumer: So the fact that you dislike something means everyone should lose access? I don’t like it either. I don’t use it. Simple.

  17. revmatty says:

    I’m surprised they allow access to the internet in general anyway. I’d expect them to allow a few whitelisted sites via a proxy server. CNN, BBC,, that really should be all you need to demo the internet to people in store.

  18. booblik says:

    Totally agree with hemaphore. It’s not necessary to have an internet access at Apple stores. It’s all about computers, not about capabilities of the browser. There is just no point for Apple to allow people browsing further than
    After all, if you’re buying from Apple (clue – money), you probably have more important things to do than browsing internet.
    Poorly executed product placement, shame on Apple for that.

  19. mac-phisto says:

    @revmatty: not exactly. if i’m gonna blow a few grand on a computer that’s supposed to have superior video quality, i’m gonna want to load 6 different video & flash-heavy sites at the same time to see if they’re lying or not.

    my browser never has less than 4 tabs open, & i’m notorious for streaming multiple videos simultaneously (with cpu-heavy programs like photoshop running in the background). if apple can’t prove their machine’s ability to do that, what’s the point in even providing access then?

  20. SOhp101 says:

    @mac-phisto: I disagree. Ever been in an Apple store and tried to use one of the computers? Ever see what site people are on when you end up needing to wait to even look at a computer? Myspace.

    Like jeff said, myspace really is the worst thing to happen to the internet. I would say it’s the internet equivalent of Wal-Mart.

  21. @mac-phisto: i’m gonna want to load 6 different video & flash-heavy

    If you’re going to be doing video production, checking out YouTube is the LAST place you want to exercise a computer’s potential.

  22. nidolke says:

    Who goes to the mall to check their myspace? For extended periods of time? I fear for this generation’s future. Go.Outside.

  23. The Walking Eye says:

    Why is there such vitriol for myspace anyway? I use it to contact people I lost touch with years ago due to various circumstances. Life’s way too short to be normal and conform to everyone. That seems rather ironic as I have a Myspace page…

    In regards to the post, it’s good Apple has decided to do this, but their employees should have been policing it better in the first place. Just because the computers are hooked up to the net doesn’t give you the right to browse whatever for however long you want.

  24. faust1200 says:

    What kind of numbskull would access anything personal from a computer on display in a store? I guess the same kind that uses myspace. Well at least we have a new internet ghetto. Making fun of AOL was getting boring.

  25. Helvetian says:

    I don’t really agree with it, just have signage or a policy that limits usage. I don’t buy Apple crud anyway, so it makes no difference to me. Now if only Starbucks had a policy that made people exit within 12 hours of their purchase. Seriously, it seems like the same people are hanging out at my local SB everyday. I’ve never once gotten the chance to sit down and enjoy my $20 hot chocolate. I usually walk out, sans any purchase.

  26. dabean says:

    I actually use the Apple store Macs to read blogs, like Consumerist. But Myspace? That’s a no go for the show.

  27. mac-phisto says:

    @SOhp101: listen, i’m not sticking up for the myspace junkies. i just know that once someone starts limiting usage, things get out of hand. the most common method is compiling usage statistics & then knocking the top 5 (or 10 or whatever) off every week or so if they are considered (in this case) time-intensive.

    what’s the problem here – ppl accessing a particular webpage or kids hogging computers? why not just kick their tiny punk asses off? give some junior manager an apple deputy badge & let him/her walk around hard booting computers when someone’s been on them too long. hell, start dishing out curbies in the middle of the story if you have to.

    the point is, it doesn’t matter if the abusers are posting on myspace, messaging, checking their email, or watching seasons 1-3 of the simpsons. if they’re taking an excessive amount of time to use the stations for whatever reason, they need to be asked to leave. if they don’t, start ripping out piercings. =P

  28. Buran says:

    @Helvetian: So you buy Windows crud instead?

  29. Helvetian says:

    @Buran: Are you one of thos fervant Apple fanboys? If so, I don’t even want to begin to engage in a debate with you. From what I understand they are relentless in their pursuit to insist Apple superiority.

    FYI, I don’t harbor blind disdain for Apple, I simply prefer Windows. And this position is based on first-hand experience with both products. I was unaware of any crterion that stipulated I needed to identify why I felt a product was crud, but there you have it ;) Thanks.

  30. Helvetian says:

    @Buran: those and fervent, I should be in bed because I can’t spell tonight. Thanks.

  31. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    If there are a bunch of teenagers (or 80-year olds, for that matter) who constantly hog all the computers in the store because they’re logged into MySpace (and thereby driving off paying customers), the store has the right to block it. In fact, it’s a store and not a public building, so the Apple Store has a right to block anything they want..or even…OMG…disconnect the Internet entirely!!!

    Come on, it’s not like Apple Store personnel were chasing the kids around poking them with cattle prods (although that would have worked pretty well too, I suspect).

    As far as just kicking out the individual offenders, sure, that works ….but it’s easier to take a passive approach and remove the attractive nuisance, rather than having to have the staff waste all of their time kicking people out of the store day in and day out and calling mall security.

  32. palaste says:

    You have computer stores where the computers on display are connected to the Internet???
    That’s simply inviting social network -addicted teenagers to spend hours there without buying anything!
    Computers sold in stores should be kept off the net. If you want Internet cafés, you know where to find them.

  33. Papa Midnight says:

    I like this. Good move by apple. Now I can actually move through an Apple store without watching some kids on MySpace… Although their Wi-Fi networks are usually wide-open so…