House Approves Gas Price Gouging Legislation

The House of Representatives has passed what could become the first federal law against energy price gouging. Currently, several states have laws against said gouging, but the rigor of the enforcement is inconsistent at best.

Anyhow, they’ve passed it. Those who are for the bill say its good for consumers. Those who are against say it would harm consumers. And then there’s this one guy who is worried about “the mom and pop gas station owner.”

Missouri Rep. Roy Blunt, the No. 2 House Republican, said the bill would mean “undue hardship for … people trying to make a living” including mom and pop grocery or gasoline station owners.

Good job, brainiac. That argument is excellent. So is it good for consumers or not?

Who cares, say we. It’s a PR stunt. Price gouging is different than high gas prices. —MEGHANN MARCO

House OKs Gas Price Gouging Penalties [Forbes]

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