Dell: We're Selling PCs At Walmart!

Dell announced today that Walmart will be selling Dell Dimension PCs in-store as part of a new retail strategy. From

In a statement, Dell spokesman Bob Pearson said, “Our customers are asking us for additional ways to purchase our products and we plan on delivering on a global level. Offering Dell Dimensions in Wal-Mart is a great example of this approach.”

Dell seems to be contemplating offering their computers in other retail outlets as well.

Dell declined to make executives available for an interview, and Mr. Pearson declined to give further details. He suggested that other retail moves might be in the offing, however.

In the statement, he added, “Today’s announcement with Wal-Mart represents our first step. Stay tuned.”

They sound almost sad, don’t they?

So, would you buy a Dell at the Walmarts? —MEGHANN MARCO

Dell to Sell PCs at Wal-Mart [WSJ]
(Photo: RDBKKR)

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