Home Depot Caught Refusing To Issue "Rain Checks"

A Home Depot store has been fined $1500 for refusing to issue rain checks for items that were advertised on sale, but were not available for purchase. Many communities have regulations that state that if an item is advertised as being on sale without mentioning a specific limited quantity, the retailer has a legal obligation to issue a rain check that will allow the customer to purchase the item later for the sale price.

A Home Depot in Westchester County, NY was refusing to issue the rain checks, so undercover investigators posed as consumers caught them in the act and fined them $1500. You may say to yourself, “$1500 is nothing to Home Depot.” Tell that to the manager who had to tell her boss that she just got fined $1500 for not following a simple local law.

Anyway, if you see something on sale and out of stock, don’t be too shy to ask for a rain check!—MEGHANN MARCO

Home Depot settles “rain check’ inquiry [MidHudson News]
(Photo: Neubie)

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