Fans of CBS Show Jericho Send 10,800 lbs of Nuts to CBS

There’s a lighthearted but very serious backlash going on against CBS for canceling the show “Jericho.” We even got a letter about it… and we don’t exactly cover TV. In fact, we don’t exactly watch TV except for Weeds because it’s the greatest thing ever. Anyway, CBS canceled Jericho and the fans have responded by ordering 10,800 lbs of nuts and having them shipped to CBS.

Yeah, we don’t know either. Nice protest, though. We’re with you on that. We also don’t know why it was nuts, but apparently it has something to do with the show. Hey, this is The Consumerist, you can’t expect us to know this entertainment crap. Read an email from a sad Jericho fan inside.

The last several days have literally been NUTS for CBS. When CBS announced their fall schedule and Jericho wasn’t on it, there were email, letter, fax and telephone campaigns to try and save the show from cancellation. The most ingenious campaign was the sending of nuts to CBS, an idea drawn from the season finale. If you’d like to do a story, here are a few websites to check out. I think this would be a good story for your site, not only because it is a case of “consumers fight back”, but an issue of old vs. new media (Jericho had alot of web based content, and a lot of fans who watched the show online.). Jericho message board
Jericho Rally Point forum
Jericho Lives protest resource site Jericho support page – People can donate money here to go towards a bulk order of nuts to be sent to CBS.

This is starting to get some major media attention. There is an effort to raise money for an ad in Variety. TNT and HDNet are showing interest in picking the show up from CBS.

We hope they bring the show back, we really do. Good luck!—MEGHANN MARCO

‘Jericho’ Fans To CBS: ‘Nuts!’ [CBS]
(Photo: NutsOnline)


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  1. Uriel says:

    Is Grey’s Anatomy canceled yet? That show sucks, can they cancel that instead?

  2. ryan_h says:

    now its a stunt like this that might get me to watch this show. thats funny.

  3. ribex says:

    I didn’t hear about this before reading the story on Consumerist, but the reason the fans sent nuts was because of a plot point on the last episode. It’s mentioned in the link. In a nutshell (sorry), the choice had to be made to surrender or fight – and the decision to fight, with almost no chance of winning, was communicated using the single word sentence, “Nuts.”

  4. Dr. Eirik says:

    I’m such a TV geek….

    The specific reason for the nuts is that, in the final episode during a flashback, we see one of the main characters at his brothers wedding getting drunk with his grandfather and some freinds when the grandfather relates the story of General Anthony McAuliffe. During the battle of the Bulge, completely surrounded by Germans, he responded to the demand to surrender with the word “Nuts”.

    Later in the episode, the town of Jericho is now under siege by their neighbors in New Bern. The mayor of New Bern demands their surrender and gets the response, “Nuts”.

    A few minutes later, they ended the episode on a major cliffhanger, with the two towns about to go to battle, a division of troops of US soldiers flying in from Nebraska to stop it, a trainload of New Bern soldiers headed into town, and a character with a captured M1A tank sitting on a hilltop about to try and stop said train.

    I won’t waste money on it, though I do think this is kinda funny and creative. I’ve heard that they have decided to give the show “Resolution” but have yet to say if that’ll be an actual episode, TV movie, mid-season renewal, or just writing it out on the internet.

  5. Chicago7 says:

    Actually, that’s from WWII and the Battle of the Bulge. General Anthony McAuliffe (responding to the Germans call for a surrender of all the troops that were surrounded and short on supply) said “NUTS!”

  6. Falconfire says:

    you know I have lived in Linden 26 years, and I never knew we had a nut company here. Learn something everyday.

  7. zolielo says:

    This was also on Defamer a few days ago.

  8. d0x says:

    Jericho is one of the only shows ill actually watch on TV and not just wait for the DVD. To hell with them for canceling.

  9. royal72 says:

    can you guys send me some nuts too? my family likes peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, and occasionally almonds.

  10. scooby2 says:

    Long time stalker, first time poster here at the Consumerist. Canceling one of the best shows on CBS was just insane! Do we really need three CSI shows? I do not see how anyone can put up with the corny Horatio Caine one liners.

    What is next from CBS? CSI Podunk? Heck, why show anything besides NFL and CSI.

  11. r81984 says:

    I was so pissed when they canceled Star Trek Voyager for the reason that UPN was too ghetto for scifi shows.
    Fans tried so hard to get scifi channel to pick up the next season, but it failed.

    Goodluck to Jericho fans, sometimes some asshat senior exec cancels a show not based on ratings but because they do not think it fits their network or simply because they need the timeslot.

    Its basically a big FU to the fans, but there are many execs that really do not care about their customers anymore.

  12. r81984 says:

    Not Voyager, Enterprise.

  13. AcidReign says:

    …..We were really sad about Jericho’s demise, as well. Hawkins and Jake had the potential to be this generation’s Batman and Robin. I figure it’s because a black man was the most interesting character on the show. Unacceptable, in the Establishment’s eye…

    …..Enterprise blew their own continuity constraints. There ships and stuff should NOT have been as advanced as first-generation Capn Kirk and co. My wife and I could never stay awake past the opening credits. (Cool montage of technology advances, though. I’ll give ’em that!)

  14. wonderskunk says:

    I liked Jericho too. Last fall, CBS was surprised at how well it did in the ratings. So what did they do? They took it off the air for months in the middle of the season until viewers forgot about it. Brilliant! Not as brilliant as the job FOX did killing firefly, but up there.

  15. cindel says:

    “Lost” is THE only show that matters anyway.

  16. QTex says:

    What happens to the nuts after CBS refuses delivery? I mean, you know CBS knows they’re coming.

    Still, it’s a clever idea.

  17. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Hmm, NutsOnline says “100% satisfaction guaranteed.” How long before Matthieu Laurette find them, eats them, and then writes NutsOnline to get his money back?

  18. Triteon says:

    @r81984: Genre is not the reason why Jericho was canceled, same for Voyager. It’s because Jericho was unprofitable, or at the very least was projected to be less profitable next season as the program replacing it (for the fall, that would be the reality show “Kid Nation”). Yes, CBS could have moved the show to a new time slot and given it a chance but that is not the MO of today’s television world.
    Shows– all shows– stay on TV not due to ratings but due to profitability. This explains why in the pre-OTC drug advertising world, a top 10-rated program (60 Minutes) was nearly canceled by CBS while at the same time a >90 program (90th or worse in the ratings)– Unhappily Ever After— continued to run on the WB.
    Unhappily made money via low production costs (sets, cast, writers if they had any…it always seemed to be Nikki Cox strutting in short skirts and Mr. Floppy ad-libbing, but I digress) and decent ratings for young men. That young male demo is particularly difficult to capture with ad dollars, so clients tend to glom onto whatever programming the guys watch…ad supply is constant, demand goes up and Adam Smith smiles.
    60 Minutes on the other hand, had (has) high production costs (huge talent salaries, travel budgets, insurance and production crews) and a rapidly aging (advertising-undesirable) viewership. Then advertising for OTC drugs came along and BOOM! Big pharma starts competing with the high-end autos for ad time and Minutes starts turing big profits again.

    @wonderskunk: The reason for the long hiatus was that CBS (and most networks) don’t give long commitments to most new shows. Mid-season replacements are par for the course and are planned for quite early. Heroes went through a similar situation, but when it returned from hiatus the viewers mostly came back too.

    The upside for the 2007-08 season? Given the concern over a strike by the Writer’s Guild, the networks are stockpiling scripts and will produce upwards of 24-26 episodes for some returning shows, and as many as 18 episodes of new programs. These numbers are up from the current standards of 18-20 for returning and (as low as) 4-12 of new series.

  19. Matthew says:

    Almost 11,000 pounds of food to complain about TV? What a waste.

  20. Jesse in Japan says:

    I wonder how long it will be before there’s nothing but reality TV left. Thank you MTV for ruining television.

  21. hop says:

    i don’t waste my time with any of that crap…i watch quality stuff like chuck norris in the texas ranger…..

  22. painter07885 says:

    Reality tv sells I don`t know why but look at the bachelor (GAG)or Americas top model(hack,spit)and game shows galore.I guess they are cheap to produce.When they canceled surface the fans went wild but did they bring it back nooooo.So protest away the bottom line is money and the way to get to them is tell them you will not be watching anything they put out they make money from ads contact the advertisers who pay big bucks to be on their channel,if your not watching guess what the advertisers don`t make money.The advertisers won`t spend money on air time if no one is watching.Thats the way to hurt them.

  23. girlfriend 6.0 says:

    Would it be too obvious to draw the other half of their play on words? Nuts = crazy?

  24. girlfriend 6.0 says:



    Good idea. I’ll take cashews, please…

  25. kenposan says:

    @cindel: Lost is quickly becoming irrelevant because the writers never answer and questions while piling on more questions.

    HEROES is the only good show on network TV at the moment.

  26. virgilstar says:

    Maybe CBS can divert the nuts to Fox, for allowing the best singer of the final 3 to be voted off American Idol last week, and a complete ditz to win the whole thing.

  27. agentUrge says:

    For those of you who haven’t ‘gotten it’ yet, the 11,000 lbs of nuts is a metaphor. As mentioned before, but I feel it’s my duty to elaborate…the term “Nuts” essentially meant “go to hell” for Gen. McAuliffe to the Germans and essentially meant the same thing for Jake. With that in mind, think of sending 11,000 lbs of nuts to the CBS office as a metaphor for saying “go to hell” but in a bigger way.

    Jericho isn’t a bad show…just put at a bad timeslot, I think.

  28. WhatThe... says:

    hmmmm… anyone know about all the ‘Mars Bars’ candy bars being sent to the CW in protest of Veronica Mars’ cancellation?

  29. oneTee says:

    nice hat! go Rutgers! (i think i had class with that kid!)

  30. bambino says:

    @AcidReign: you’re kidding, right?

  31. mcrbpc says:

    This isn’t really something that the fans of Jericho came up with…

    Arrested Development fans sent FOX frozen bananas when it was canceled. Veronica Mars fans are sending Mars Bars this year and in prior years have hired a sky writer to fly over CW/UPN to try to save the show. This whole practice is practically common place now.

  32. MonkeySwitch says:

    @mcrbpc: So basically when the networks get the munchies, they cancel a show?

  33. Triteon says:

    @mcrbpc: …and practically worthless. Though that latest rumors are that Veronica Mars may indeed return in the future, with a now-older Veronica working for the FBI.
    Meanwhile, NBC is burning off their remaining six episodes of also canceled, also excellent Studio 60 starting tonight. Here’s to wondering if the show would come back if fans sent scotch, cocaine and muscle relaxants to NBC…

  34. I still think Farscape fans were the most impressive by buying commercial time and airing ads asking for the show to be saved.

    In the end though, will giving asshat executives food or even ad revenue convince them to not cancel a show? They may be better off boycotting the most popular show on the network.

  35. etinterrapax says:

    Hmmm. I wonder how we got Futurama back (on CN, it’s true, but it’s still back! New eps next winter). Ten pallets of Glagnar’s Human Rinds?

  36. Trai_Dep says:

    You know, if Jerico was situated next to a suburb filled with armed, bare-chested, barely pubescent Amazon warriors, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    Instead, “WOW is it cold in Jerico!!”

  37. Trai_Dep says:

    Oops, blush, etc. Change “pubescent” to “legal”

    Freudian slip on how low network execs would go. My bad. Sorry!

  38. _Puck says:

    There is more here related to consumerism than you let on to, Meghann. Television is but a service rendered and we as viewers are the consumers. Sometimes, companies will screw up and consumers will call them on it to not only resolve the initial problem but prevent it from happening again.

    Walmart still sells Nazi t-shirts, Home Depot hires pedophiles and sex offenders for carpentry work, and CBS cancels excellent shows with no regards to the fans that enjoyed it. We Jericho fans are merely trying to make our opinion known and let CBS know that we do not agree with their business practices.

    Ultimately, CBS can stick to their guns and continue the memorial service for the best new show last season just as Walmart can continue screwing Third-world sweatshop workers but we as consumers have the ability to bring the situation to light and no longer patronize said company.

  39. @etinterrapax: Good ratings and fewer asshat executives in control of Adult Swim.

  40. mcrbpc says:


    nah, the latest VM rumors are a possible movie. The FBI idea was nixed.

    And yes, I agree that for the most part, this is a big massive waste of money. And food!

  41. Triteon says:

    @etinterrapax: I heard Billy West (Fry and Zoidberg) speak about the return and the two movies last October– again, the producers thought original episodes would profit again. This is mostly based on demand for the Futurama syndicated ad inventory on Adult Swim. Hooray!

    @mcrbpc: You’re absolutely right on VM. I commented before reading Broadcasting and Cable this morning. Ah, my beloved, ever-changing industry…!

  42. adamondi says:

    I can’t believe that anyone watched Jericho at all, let alone spent money on nuts that will simply go to waste. I tried watching a few episodes of that craptastic pile of cheese when it debuted, but I couldn’t make it through an entire episode without laughing at the retarded decisions made by the characters, the world’s cheesiest dialog, or the ridiculously melodramatic music cues. Combine that with having to pause the TiVo to scream out in frustration at the amazingly stupid plot “twists” and I will never understand how that show managed to gain a fan base at all.

    Congratulations to CBS on cutting that cancerous growth out of their schedule. And congratulations to the nerds who wasted their money sending stuff to CBS that is so obscure that it has to be explained in order to make even a little sense.

  43. zolielo says:

    @adamondi: Just curious what shows do you like that are currently on or would like to have brought back?

  44. jaewon223 says:

    *puts on flame retardant suit

  45. zl9600 says:

    @Jesse in Japan: MTV’s ratings are in the shithole right now, and the former moneymaker “RealWorld” has taken a huge dive in ratings. That’s why you’re seeing more traditional scripted fare show up on that network. Frankly, I’d prefer they go back to playing videos, but the comment about ‘profits’ didn’t fit there either (talk about a genre–huge production, cool-as-shit-music videos–that has all but disappeared).

  46. adamondi says:

    @zolielo: I was a huge Firefly fan and still miss it. I would love for FOX to bring it back, but I lost all hope of that a while ago. I had a fleeting attachment to Studio 60, but I am not that sad that it is gone.

    As far as shows that I currently watch: Battlestar Galactica, The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs, Amazing Race, and Heroes are the shows that I make time to see. There are others that are good, but I only watch them if I get around to it.

  47. s00p3rm4n says:

    I’ll walk over to the studio, pull down my pants, and add another 10,800 pounds of nuts to the mix.

  48. Trai_Dep says:

    For those that are concerned about the food wastage, most Industry people are quite good at recognizing a charitable giving opportunity. They probably have some intern frantically dialing to find a good home for the peanuts as we type.

    Say what you will about the Industry, but they really put a lot of effort into such things.

    …And finding really good coke (multi-tasking is a sought-after trait)

  49. AcidReign says:

    …..@bambino: I wasn’t entirely kidding. But I was kinda ticked off last night.

    1. Jericho was canceled. No, I don’t REALLY think it was racially motivated. But the race card gets pulled out a LOT locally, and I really can’t figure out a good reason why the show was canceled. Adamondi’s flame not withstanding…

    2. Windows Media Player TV schedules were wrong, and my recording of the “Lost” finale got cut off way before the end. That meant a trip to and a new plugin to see what happened.

    3. One my guitar heroes, growing up, embarrassed the hell out of himself on American Idol. As did the two previous contest winners from my hometown. Well, at least they all looked good. Whoever runs the mixing board on American Idol should be sent back to school.

    4. I thought Frampton and the Bee Gees were the worst thing to ever happen to Sgt. Pepper. I was wrong.

  50. Yozzie says:

    @etinterrapax: Pallets and pallets of Slurm.

  51. zolielo says:

    @adamondi: Good taste but I loved Jericho.

  52. urabl says:

    Looking at that picture I can’t help but think, “Go Rutgers!”

  53. loveshinesthru says:

    @s00p3rm4n: did you know that nuts in your poop are actually parasites?

  54. ZugTheMegasaurus says:

    Hey, anybody else watch “Lovespring International”? I know that nobody watched it and that’s why it got canceled (seriously, a dark comedy on Lifetime? what the hell were they thinking?). But anyway, I totally want to do something like this…

  55. sweat1951 says:

    Thank you for your article. First, may I say the nuts aren’t being wasted. They are being sent to our troops in Iraq & to other projects in NYC.
    Secondly, this is not just about Jericho. This is about an outdated Nielsen system that did not count all viewers of Jericho. Your favorite show may be next.
    Finally, this is a show that ranked # 48 out of 142 & it was killed because CBS put it on a long hiatus then put it up against American Idol.A show which has Emmy nominations.
    Nuts to CBS! We want Season 2.