Fans of CBS Show Jericho Send 10,800 lbs of Nuts to CBS

There’s a lighthearted but very serious backlash going on against CBS for canceling the show “Jericho.” We even got a letter about it… and we don’t exactly cover TV. In fact, we don’t exactly watch TV except for Weeds because it’s the greatest thing ever. Anyway, CBS canceled Jericho and the fans have responded by ordering 10,800 lbs of nuts and having them shipped to CBS.

Yeah, we don’t know either. Nice protest, though. We’re with you on that. We also don’t know why it was nuts, but apparently it has something to do with the show. Hey, this is The Consumerist, you can’t expect us to know this entertainment crap. Read an email from a sad Jericho fan inside.

The last several days have literally been NUTS for CBS. When CBS announced their fall schedule and Jericho wasn’t on it, there were email, letter, fax and telephone campaigns to try and save the show from cancellation. The most ingenious campaign was the sending of nuts to CBS, an idea drawn from the season finale. If you’d like to do a story, here are a few websites to check out. I think this would be a good story for your site, not only because it is a case of “consumers fight back”, but an issue of old vs. new media (Jericho had alot of web based content, and a lot of fans who watched the show online.). Jericho message board
Jericho Rally Point forum
Jericho Lives protest resource site Jericho support page – People can donate money here to go towards a bulk order of nuts to be sent to CBS.

This is starting to get some major media attention. There is an effort to raise money for an ad in Variety. TNT and HDNet are showing interest in picking the show up from CBS.

We hope they bring the show back, we really do. Good luck!—MEGHANN MARCO

‘Jericho’ Fans To CBS: ‘Nuts!’ [CBS]
(Photo: NutsOnline)

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