Overstock Sends You Sexy Leather Pants Instead Of A Rug

Internet catch-all retailers like Overstock.com are prefect for hilarious shipping mishaps. Order a rug, get a sexy pair of pants.

rug.jpgReader Evan writes:

I needed this rug to cover the floor of the small area of my apartment kitchen where my table sits, as my neighbor downstairs screamed at me that my wife and I were ruining her life whenever we sat down to eat. (Apparently the table legs were scraping the linoleum floor.) Anyway, it’s an 8×8 area, and I needed to cover the whole thing, and a there are very few rugs produced at 8×8. Overstock.com had a few. I bought one.

What arrived last month, and pictured herein, is what I received: a pair of ladies leather pants, black and handsome, with a label that refers to it as an 8′ square hand-woven bleached jute rug. The same error was on my shipping label. Insane.

Overstock customer service was friendly, righted the situation and shipped out the rug — but only after they received back their leather pants.

Kudos to Overstock for fixing the situation and being friendly. We can see why they wanted those pants back. They sure are sexy. —MEGHANN MARCO

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