Overstock Sends You Sexy Leather Pants Instead Of A Rug

Internet catch-all retailers like Overstock.com are prefect for hilarious shipping mishaps. Order a rug, get a sexy pair of pants.

rug.jpgReader Evan writes:

I needed this rug to cover the floor of the small area of my apartment kitchen where my table sits, as my neighbor downstairs screamed at me that my wife and I were ruining her life whenever we sat down to eat. (Apparently the table legs were scraping the linoleum floor.) Anyway, it’s an 8×8 area, and I needed to cover the whole thing, and a there are very few rugs produced at 8×8. Overstock.com had a few. I bought one.

What arrived last month, and pictured herein, is what I received: a pair of ladies leather pants, black and handsome, with a label that refers to it as an 8′ square hand-woven bleached jute rug. The same error was on my shipping label. Insane.

Overstock customer service was friendly, righted the situation and shipped out the rug — but only after they received back their leather pants.

Kudos to Overstock for fixing the situation and being friendly. We can see why they wanted those pants back. They sure are sexy. —MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    You could have just given the sexy pants to your neighbor as a peace offering.

  2. gamble says:

    Overstock sells sexy leather pants!?

    I know what I’m getting all my friends for christmas!

  3. QuirkyRachel says:

    Wait a minute! Those are *my* sexy leather pants! Nice taste in rugs though…

  4. royal72 says:

    sweet! i’m ordering a dvd player and hoping for a plasma tv!

  5. Emor8t says:

    @royal72: no no, it doesn’t work that way. You’re getting 100 gallons of combination dish degreeser/toilet bowl cleaner. Sorry ’bout your luck.

  6. not_seth_brundle says:

    @Evan: Look into carpet tiles by Flor. They are 20″ square tiles that you can buy individually, and configure any way you like to make an area rug or even cut to install wall-to-wall.

  7. Little Miss Moneybags says:

    Ah, Overstock.com. How I hate thee.

    I had the biggest problem with them when ordering fake plants for an office two years ago. They sent the trees in the flimsiest cartons I’ve ever seen, and two trees arrived with both branches and pots broken. I arranged to send them back to be replaced. Once they received them, they shipped ONE tree back to me–and it was one of the ones I had sent them back in the first place!!!! You could see my handwriting and original shipping label behind the new one. I sent it back again, and guess what….they shipped it back to me a third time–yes, the same tree (I put a tiny white-out mark on the pot this time to see if it was possible). The incompetence was staggering. I sent it back for the final time, and never heard from them again–but we were given a chargeback to the credit card for a gold necklace–in the same amount as the refund should have been for the two broken trees.

    I will never, ever, ever, EVER purchase something from there for my personal use.

  8. Moosehawk says:

    I was wondering why I got a rug in the mail instead of the pants I ordered…

  9. erica.blog says:

    @Moosehawk: Dammit, you made the comment before I could ;-)

  10. Mojosan says:

    I have a sexy leather rug.

    But my broadloom, scotch-guarded slacks are chafing me.

  11. surgesilk says:

    FYI Overstock doesn’t do the shipping…the originating merchant does.

  12. Seacub says:

    I’d eBay those sexy leather pants and go to target for a swanky new rug with the profit!

  13. Toof_75_75 says:

    They gave you a sweet deal and replaced a boring rug with some hot pants and what do you do?!…Throw it back in their face! Unbelievable! :-p

  14. Bay State Darren says:

    I’d say this is a free upgrade.

  15. Toof_75_75 says:

    @Bay State Darren: Exactly!

  16. nffcnnr says:

    That rug really tied the room together.

  17. Moosehawk says:

    @surgesilk: So I imagine it came from the “Rugs & Hot Leather Pants” store then?

  18. ElizabethD says:

    I am leery of the quality of Overstock items, too, unless they are actual designer merchandise.

    LOL about the leather pants. “Put ya shoes on THESE, mofo!”

  19. shades_of_blue says:

    I would hold their pants for ransom, by first sending them a picture of the pants with the bar code clearly readable. And include the following, “I will be holding onto your mislabeled merchandise until the proper item is sent with a return tag at your expense. At which point I will repackage your companies’ misrepresented ‘carpet’ for return. If you have any grievance with my return policy, my next step will be to contest the original purchase with my credit card holders.”

  20. tcabeen says:

    Could women’s sexy leather pants be considered a carpet cover? Hah

    Seriously, Overstock annoys me. Fiancee got me a xmas gift from there last year. Monsoon Wedding soundtrack CD. Ordered in OCTOBER. Shipped in FEBRUARY. Next time: half.com or something.

  21. infinitysnake says:

    @Scarfish: I had no trouble with them at all until I moved. I bought a toaster oven, and they sent it to my previous address, even though I’d updated before ordering. When I finally got them to admit they screwed up, they asked for my cc number- I assumed for a refund. Nope, they charged me again, and sent another toaster to my previous address. I had to get the BBB involved to get my $ back.