United Downgrades Frequent Flyer Program Just Another Smidge

United tightened the screws on its frequent flyer program another turn, writes Upgrade: Travel Better:

For years, Premier members of the Mileage Plus program have received “500-mile” coupons…that upgraded your North American flights from coach to first class. …If you couldn’t use your 500-milers, they’d expire after one year, but all was not lost: They converted to 500 redeemable frequent flyer miles in your account.

…In another “enhancement” of the Mileage Plus program, 500-milers won’t convert to frequent flyer miles upon expiration anymore. They’ll just expire worthless if you don’t cash them in.

Recently, United has cut the lifespan of frequent flyer miles, halved the online booking bonus, limited Economy plus to United Mileage plus elites, and made other nips and tucks. Maybe if they keep spacing out the downgrades no one will notice. — BEN POPKEN

United Airlines nickel-and-dimes elites, devalues Mileage Plus even further [Upgrade: Travel Better]
(Photo: Maulleigh)

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