Trouble With Your Movers? Call The Department Of Weights And Measures!

You might not immediately think of the Department of Weights and Measures when a scammy moving company is holding your goods hostage. Thankfully, Steve who is a Public Information Officer for the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures reads Consumerist. Steve writes:

Here in AZ we get involved with interstate moving complaints quite a bit. Basically if there’s a dispute we’ll show up and give a moving company three options:

1. Deliver for the original price, not the inflated one.
2. We take the truck to a certified commercial scale to be weighed. Then the truck returns to the consumer’s address and unloads. We then take the truck back to the scale a second time to be weighed. The difference between the two tells us how much the furniture weighed. Based on the price per pound, we then know the true cost.
3. The driver can try to leave, but that could lead to arrest on charges of theft. We always call out the local police for assistance. Two drivers have gone to jail.

We save an average of $1,400 for consumers. In the past year we’ve saved them more than $100,000. A few weeks ago we saved one consumer $11,000.

Who knew the Department of Weights and Measures was so heroic? For more info, Steve provided a link full of good information for consumers.—MEGHANN MARCO

Avoid “Rogue” Moving Companies [Arizona Department of Weights And Measures]
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