XM Radio Executive Contact Info

If you would rather not talk to a liar in India when trying to cancel XM, here’s a number for you: 202-380-4393. It’s said to be their executive office number. You might be able to avoid ending up like this guy.

And here’s a bunch of email addresses for opinion-voicing-good-times-rolling!

Hugh Panero, Chief Executive Officer – hugh.panero@xmradio.com
Nate Davis, President and Chief Operating Officer – nate.davis@xmradio.com
Gary Parsons, Chairman of the Board – gary.parson@xmradio.com
Dara F. Altman, Executive Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs – dara.altman@xmradio.com
Steve Cook, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing – steve.cook@xmradio.com
Joseph J. Euteneuer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer – joseph.euteneuer@xmradio.com
Vernon Irvin, Chief Marketing Officer – vernon.irvin@xmradio.com
Eric Logan, Executive Vice President, Programming – eric.logan@xmradio.com
Dan Murphy, Executive Vice President of Retail Aftermarket Distribution – dan.murphy@xmradio.com
Stell Patsiokas, Executive Vice President, Technology and Engineering – stell.patsiokas@xmradio.com
Joseph Titlebaum, General Counsel and Secretary – joseph.titlebaum@xmradio.com

Not a good idea to build a whole brand around unfettered, commercial-free, free-speech, and then censor your talent just to make nice in Washington so you can push through your controversial merger. — BEN POPKEN

[via UPOP]
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