RESOLVED: Geek Squad Fixed My iPod By Sending Me A Broken One

When Charlie’s iPod died, again, she took it to Best Buy, again, as it was under one of those extended warranties they push. What she got back in the mail was an even more messed up iPod. When she took it to the store, they were kinda jerks about it. After her complaint got posted here, Best Buy swooped in.

That’s Charlie in the picture, holding her new iPod. She writes:

The General Manager of services sent me an e-mail with a direct phone number to contact him and he took down my information and sent me an upgraded 60 gig iPod video which arrived this past Tuesday. It is still a refurbished model, but it is in great condition. He apologized for my inconvenience and explained that all units are checked before they are shipped out. He also requested that next time I come to him first if anything like this should happen.

But on another note, I really want to thank you and Meghann for your website. You’ve helped me out a lot, and tons of other people from what I read every day. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!

Hooray for Charlie, and to Best Buy, for having an RSS reader. — BEN POPKEN

PREVIOUSLY: Geek Squad Fixed My iPod By Sending Me A Broken One


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  1. mindshadow says:

    You failed to include Minnie P in your picture. :

  2. emperor657 says:

    Any chance that Charlie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area? And if so, can you give me her email address? I’d like to ask her out.

  3. JRuiz47 says:

    That’s what I was looking for!

    Glad you got that resolved.

  4. JRuiz47 says:


    And if not, the San Antonio/Austin area…

  5. ColoradoShark says:

    The general manager “…explained that all units are checked before they are shipped out”. Then what happened with the first one?

    And how does he account for the rudeness at the store?

    And who else thinks Charlie would not have had this happy smile if not for our Consumerist god and goddess?

  6. MonkeySwitch says:

    @mindshadow: She’s my avatar!

  7. ddhj says:

    yay! i’m glad that worked out.

  8. ShadowFalls says:

    It is nice she got herself a working Ipod, but why should one be so happy to get something they rightfully deserved to begin with? Why did it take making a post hear before PR decides to come in full swoop to same themselves embarrassment?

    Giving her what she deserved really doesn’t make things all better. I am guessing their upgrade was an attempt to satisfy what she had to go through, but it does not seem she is the only one. Fix the problem with your original customer service, that way your secondary customer service never needs to come and “swoop” in.

  9. hop says:


  10. jeramiah461 says:

    i love that a website can have such an effect on the higher-ups of a company. now if they could treat people like they do after they see an article on all the time. we’d be sitting pretty

  11. LuvJones says:


    Because getting what you deserve isn’t always the norm.

  12. Paul D says:

    This post needs more pics of cute girls with tattoos. And iPods.

    But seriously…escalation and shame are the two greatest weapons in the consumer’s arsenal.

  13. nffcnnr says:

    The take-away: Don’t buy an iPod, especially from Best Buy. iPod: BANNED!! Best Buy: BANNED!!
    Instead, purchase a non-DRM system from a consumer-friendly store.

  14. amb1545 says:

    Hay guys there’s a picture of a girl. Let’s all swoon over her.


  15. eldergias says:

    @amb1545: Yeah, how dumb that guys swoon over a beautiful woman. I mean, it’s not like there is some sort of “biological imperative”, or endorphin release when people see others that they are attracted too.

    Whats up with us guys huh?

    btw, she is attractive.

  16. ohlali says:

    @ Paul D

    What do you suggest?

  17. pdxguy says:

    She’s sorta cute. Now get a picture of her with one of those tabby cats – priceless!

  18. netposer says:

    Didn’t know they made 60GB Video iPods.

  19. pestie says:

    Yup. I checked – using science – and she’s approximately 10 to 12 kinds of cute (margin of error: +/- 1).

  20. MikeTheKat says:

    Come on Best Buy how about a new 80GB iPod and not an RF unit cheap bums.

  21. AcilletaM says:

    Too bad the thumb’s up pictures never caught on…

  22. wesrubix says:

    grats Charlie! Keep smiling. Just stay away from Best Buy so they don’t get to enjoy your presence anymore. Rad tatoos too.

  23. Goodman123 says:

    What its called is a iPod rapid exchange. It is not “pushed” by best buy it is an offer from Apple that allows a customer instead of being without their iPod for 2 weeks to be repaired by apple they will recieve a refurbished unit in the mail in 3-5 days. It is the samething as getting your iPod repaired b/c after the repair on your original it at that point is refurbished. It also counts as a repair so after the 3rd you can get a new one