Pepsi Loves You And Sends You Replacement Mountain Dew

Adam got two stale Mountain Dews from a vending machine, so he called Pepsi to express his displeasure. Pepsi response made Adam so happy he wrote to us to express his joy. Did Pepsi do anything “above and beyond?” No, not really. They were simply nice to Adam, and did what they said they’d do.
The result is a customer happy enough to write a mean old website about it.

Adam writes:

So I purchased a Mountain Dew out of my office’s Pepsi Co. stocked vending machine, and I noticed that the date had expired. I thought nothing of it, so I slammed the Dew and it tasted only slightly flat. I couple weeks later, I purchased a second bottle of Dewey goodness, and this bottle date had already passed as well. So I called Pepsi Co. told them the situation, the woman on the phone was very pleasant and apologetic, and she said that she’d send me out a replacement right away. Less than a week later, (before I even had time to recycle the previous bottle) I received a coupon for one free 6 or 8 pack of any can or bottle product from Pepsi. I was amazed at their turn-around time. Good job Pepsi, thanks for the fresh Dew!


That’s just so cute. —MEGHANN MARCO
(Photo: Maulleigh)

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