Bank of America Randomly Gives You $400, Takes It Away, Then Charges You For 9 Overdrafts

This is a confusing story, but we don’t really know why Jenny would make up such a crazy sequence of events.

Apparently, Bank of America randomly gave her $400. She thought this was money from a lawsuit settlement being deposited into her account. Apparently it wasn’t. 4 days later, Jenny had a balance of $-159 and 9 overdraft charges. Bank of America says they have “no record” of the mysterious $400. What?

Read Jenny’s email inside.

Hey guys!

A co-worker of mine sends me messed up articles from your site regularly and that’s gotten me hooked. Anyway to make a long story short I was on vacation 2 weeks ago when I called the Automated Center of BoA to get my account balance to make sure I had enough money for food, gas, etc. My account was positive with a credit from my employer (May 3rd) and another $400 credit that was issued on May 6th.

I didn’t question the random $400 credit as I have money from a lawsuit settlement flowing in at random times so I figured that was what it was. Anyway I returned home and checked my account online on May 10th. My account balance was -$159. I was dumbfounded on how I had spent over $1000 in a week (employer check and random $400). I scoured my account to see what went wrong and I couldn’t find the $400. So I left my account to run its course because I hadn’t made any purchases since May 8th and thought that the account would remain at -$159. So I check my account yesterday because that’s when my employer check was direct deposited and I knew my account would be positive again.

I realized that I had been hit with not 1, not 3, not 5, but 9 overdrafts totaling $315. Not only do I think that this is excessive, I also blame BoA for this unfortunate event. Yeah I probably should have researched that $400 a little more, but why is a BoA associate randomly putting in $400 into peoples accounts and then 2 days later withdrawing it? I then researched your site to see who I should contact about this. I spoke with a representative named Felicia who told me that she doesn’t see a $400 credit and withdraw that was made on my account. Seriously? Your company doesn’t keep a record of things like this? Not only am I looking like a liar, but I’m also out $315.

So I’m basically just writing to vent and see what I can do about this situation. I have already written the CEO of BoA as mentioned in the previous posts. It was sent via UPS and reached their office at 9:45am this morning and signed by a Dixon. I guess I’ll let you know the outcome of that.

Is this situation really messed up or am I just being crazy?

Thanks for listening!


Jenny, this situation is really messed up. You do seem to be handling it well, however. Anyone else have some insight for Jenny? —MEGHANN MARCO

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