Surgery With A Warranty?

What if your surgery came with a warranty? One group of hospitals in central Pennsylvania is trying it, according to the NYT:

The group, Geisinger Health System, has overhauled its approach to surgery. And taking a cue from the makers of television sets, washing machines and consumer products, Geisinger essentially guarantees its workmanship, charging a flat fee that includes 90 days of follow-up treatment.

Even if a patient suffers complications or has to come back to the hospital, Geisinger promises not to send the insurer another bill.

Hey, that’s kinda neat. Let’s just hope that unlike electronics, they won’t give up trying to fix you and replace all your organs with refurbs. —MEGHANN MARCO

In Bid for Better Care, Surgery With a Warranty [NYT]
(Photo: Kalim A. Bhatti/NYT)