Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

What Do You Look For In An Online Bank Account? [Money, Matter, and More Musings] High interest rates, easy synchronization with other bank accounts, absolutely zero fees and seven other factors you should consider when selecting an online bank account.

What does it cost to drop 30 pounds? [MSN Money] Despite studies saying North Americans are getting fatter every year, people are obsessed with weight loss, and the business of losing weight has ballooned into a $46.3 billion industry. How much would you be willing to spend to lose 30 pounds?

Credit Card with No Pre-Set Limit: Is It Bad? [The Sun’s Financial Diary] How will a no-limit card will affect your credit score?

Who Pays the Gift Tax? [Yahoo Finance] If you receive a gift over the federal tax-free limit of $12,000, who pays the tax on the amount above the limit — you or the giver?

The Rule of 72, 114, and 144 [All Financial Matters] Most people are familiar with the Rule of 72, the simple formula that can be used to estimate how long it takes to double your money based a certain expected interest rate. For example, you expect to get an 8% rate of return on your money. At that rate, how long will it take to double your money? To estimate how long it takes to triple your money, divide 114 by your expected interest rate (or rate of return). Use 144 to estimate how long it takes to quadruple your money.

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  1. dohtem says:

    Ha, gotta love that pic.

  2. dabean says:

    When did you go to my high school?

  3. bcgrote says:

    Haha, we SAVED money! We stopped buying red meat, shop at Trader Joe’s, and my hubby walks around the neighborhood. Our grocery bill, total for the week, is under $100. (We still buy bottled water and on sale frozen dinners – diet- at Vons) Previously, we spent anywhere from $70 – 110 per week at Vons, plus the drive thru hubby ate DAILY!

    Over the last 4 months, he has lost 35 lbs. We enjoy gardenburgers, chicken sausage, more vegetables and salads, even chocolate dessert! We drink water at home, instead of Pepsi and Gatorade. It’s just fine! And hubby looks hawt!!!

    I haven’t lost any weight, but I’m like the gal on that commercial. I don’t eat bread, like veggies, and have a slow metabolism. Medical problems mean limited exercise, so no major weight loss for me. It’s ok, my cholesterol went down!