Madison Square Garden Theater Naming Rights Bought By WaMu

Before you sports fans have a heart attack, it’s not all of Madison Square Garden that’s being renamed—just the theater inside where things like “Sesame Street Live” and the above TV On The Radio concert are performed. Washington Mutual has bought the naming rights to the 5,600 seat theater and will be renaming it “The WaMu Theater,” which brings up a larger question.

Why does this sort of thing irritate us so much? Why do we still refuse to refer to the place where the White Sox play as “U.S. Cellular Field?” Is there something wrong with us? After all, Wrigley Field is named after a guy who sold gum.

What do you think? Are naming rights a good investment? Do you think they influence your purchasing?—MEGHANN MARCO

A: The Theater at the Garden. Q: What Is a WaMu, and Where Is It Found? [NYT]
(Photo: Whistling In The Dark)

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