XM Radio Subscribers Are Pretty Darn Ticked Off

Reader Al writes in to appraise us on the satellite radio backlash that is currently going on. Satellite radio is a hot mess! Al writes:

As you probably know, XM has touted their service as uncensored radio with the ability by the user to block specific channels. A method of self censorship that they constantly promote in their advertisements. These channels are tagged with the “XL” moniker showing the subscriber that they can put parental controls.

Recently XM has censored “The Opie and Anthony Show” for some comments that a guest made towards two governmental officials. XM made the hosts apologize and subsequently suspended them for 30 days because they (XM) did not believe they were sincere in their apology. Many believe that XM took these steps in order to look good in front of the congressional committees that are reviewing the unwanted merger between Sirius and themselves.

This has angered many XM subscribers and loyal fans of the Opie and Anthony Show and has caused them and I to cancel our subscriptions to make them understand that we will not stand for censorship and the degradation of Free Speech on a PAID service that markets itself as uncensored. This action has and will cause a hurt in XM’s bottom line and will force shareholders to take notice that XM answers to their paid and future subscribers, not advertisers or organizations with an agenda.

I would like (hope) that you post this on your site and show everyone that the consumer is the one whose voice needs to be heard!

Thank you,

No problem, Al. It seems that lots of people are canceling their XM radio subscriptions lately. What’s going on XM? —MEGHANN MARCO

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