Get A Free Mother's Day Card From The Federal Trade Commission

The FTC is reprising their cute and cuddly Mother’s Day e-card. The e-card isn’t just pretty flowers and cute butterflies; the FTC also has four suggestions to stay fraud-free all year long:

Safeguard your Social Security number
Keep your card in a safe place at home – not in your wallet or purse.

Read your bills and bank statements
Keep your eye out for charges you didn’t authorize.

Exercise doubt, and check it out
If you have any doubts about a caller or e-mailer, find the company’s phone number and call its fraud or security department.

Report fraud to the FTC
Use the FTC’s Consumer Complaint Form.

Aww, the flowers and butterflies almost make us forget we’re learning. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

FTC Mother’s Day Card [FTC]


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  1. synergy says:

    “Keep you card..”?

    “Keep your eye out for charged you didn’t authorize”?

    I hope someone grammar checked before sending out those cards…

  2. letoofdune says:

    Coming soon: a happy Mother’s Day greeting from the RIAA.

    So you thought Tony Bennett
    Was free for the taking?
    3 years in court,
    And your knees will be shaking!

  3. alhypo says:

    They forgot one: Don’t accept e-cards because they are often phishing scams (at least the ones I get are; how sad).

    Plus, they’re stupid. I don’t even want one anyway.

  4. snazz says:

    nothing says love like The Federal Trade Commission