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McRaw McChicken McServed at McMcDonalds: UPDATE [BoingBoing]
On the fast food blog you linked to, now there are many who are calling the whole thing a hoax – even people claiming to be former McDonald’s employees. The person calling me “worse than Hitler” is my personal fave.

It’s the Truth, but Not the Whole Truth [New York Times]
AN Ohio judge will decide on Friday whether to approve the settlement of a class-action suit against Carfax in which consumers could receive coupons worth about $20 and the lawyers representing them $566,000.

Kids lost father, risked losing home [Star-Telegram]
After three missed payments, Washington Mutual filed to foreclose.
Their mother tried to make payment arrangements, but because she wasn’t on the mortgage account, the family said bank officials wouldn’t negotiate with her.

JPMorgan Chase says to end alumni loan deals [Reuters]
JPMorgan spokesman Thomas Kelly said the third-largest U.S. bank recently signed New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s code of conduct for student lending practices, designed to end financial arrangements between lenders and schools that could breed conflicts of interest.


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