Best Of Walmart

Baby Nearly Killed By Walmart’s Indifference
“With the heat wave searing American soil lately, it becomes more and more important to not lock your baby in the van in a Walmart parking lot.”

Spinning Walmart: Astroturfing, Edelman, And Why Walmart’s TVs Are Tuned To Fox News
“…chief spokeswoman for the company… keeps on a shelf a framed cover of a 2003 issue of Business Week featuring a story titled “Is Wal-Mart Too Powerful?” The story asked tough questions about Wal-Mart’s influence on the American economy. “I keep that there to remind me never to trust reporters,” she said, without smiling”

Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 22
“22 weeks after Walmart agreed to remove shirts bearing Nazi iconography from its shelves, and 10 weeks after getting a letter from Congress demanding the shirts removal, they’re still there.”

LEAKS: Walmart PowerPoint On “3 Customer” Plan
“We enjoy slide 4. On it, Walmart classifies 14% of “The Shopper Universe” as being “Conscientious Objectors.” We guess these are the people who refuse to shop at Walmart on principle.”

Walmart Sells Gay Porn Filled Zune To Little Girl
“Chanell Martin bought her 12-year old daughter a Zune from Walmart, pre-loaded with gay porn. For their part, Walmart blamed Microsoft and gave the family a full refund and a $25 gift certificate.”

Confessions Of A Former Walmart Manager
“…forcing a mother just back from maternity leave to work 22 hours straight, missing your son’s birthday party, and more!”

Krempasky, Walmart Apologist, Responds To Consumerist Outing
“Blogosphere hall monitor for Walmart, Mike Krempasky, took the time to reply to our post disclosing emails we exchanged about a meeting we had several months ago. A meeting he would rather we not discuss, but we did anyway on behalf of the No Respect! podcast. After the jump, his remarks and our ripostes, wherein we ponder the ethics of lying to a PR flack… and whether that’s even technically possible.”

This Is What A Ghost Looks Like
“Someone with enough money to shell out for a Nielsen “BuzzMetrics” account is watching The Consumerist for Walmart mentions. Everyone wave hi to The Watchmen!”

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