Judge Orders Shoplifters To Wear Signs Reading "I Am A Thief I Stole From Walmart"

Don’t steal from the Walmart in Attala, Ala or Judge Kenneth Robertson Jr. will make you wear a sign that says, “I AM A THIEF I STOLE FROM WALMART.”

Lest you think that this sort of justice is not welcome at the store, let it be knows that the Walmart is all for it.

“Maybe they’ll think twice about doing it,” the store manager tells The Gadsden Times.

And what will happen to the signs when they’re done, you ask? The Walmart is keeping them available for use by future thieves. There’s something sort of Die Hard 3 about the whole thing, don’t you think? —MEGHANN MARCO

Sentence: Wear a sign that says ‘I AM A THIEF’ [USAToday]
(Photo: Dave Hyatt, The Gadsden Times via AP and USA Today)