Where's My Tech? Call Comcast Dispatch (We've Got The Numbers)

Comcast is notorious for techs missing their appointments. If you would like to see where you tech really is, and maybe have him get his heiny over, here’s a whole bunch of Comcast’s internal dispatch numbers.

Our inside source says you are only to use these numbers 5 minutes AFTER the tech has missed his appointment. Be prepared with your full account number and phone number.

Find your dispatch number by matching the corp number to the number on your bill. We, not having a Comcast bill on hand, think the corp number is the first few digits of your account number listed at the top of your bill

Digits spilled, inside…

(Photo: akeg)

Dispatch Numbers – By Corp (Listed At Top of Bill)
Universal 800-729-6645
1105 352-787-9601 (extensions 104,129,167,168,150,151)
1108 270-737-4200 (Press 0, ask for Dispatch)
1110 423-232-9737
15010 703-789-8828
15011 703-789-8802
15012 800-492-1065, 571-233-2329
15515 800-382-2334, 941-379-6631
15552 843-266-3132, 843-566-9807
15557 501-748-1950
1603 570-451-4311 (extension 239 or 256)
1619 540-887-3489
1620 732-281-3764, 732-281-3726 (close Work Orders), 732-281-3617 (Toms River), 609-494-7887 (Long Island)
1626 423-798-1693, 540-887-3489
1641 561-454-5801
1643 772-692-2227
1668 800-942-1065, 703-789-8801
1673 812-926-2297
1684 804-253-0670
1710 772-567-8370
1713 804-253-0670
1714 804-253-0670
1715 540-887-3489
1722 800-492-1065
1864 804-253-0670
19204 239-298-7400
1925 856-507-2641
1864 804-253-0670
20001 856-669-0100
2012 804-253-0670
25201 423-855-7005
2573 410-729-8165
2904 601-579-3972, 601-579-3973, 601-579-3974, 601-579-3978
32007 615-244-7531
3402 856-669-0100, 609-330-7714
4418 856-862-5059
5012 302-672-5928
5014 301-622-7179, 301-856-3370, 301-731-6200
5613 703-789-8802, 703-490-8250, 703-379-6072
5620 520-744-9132, 520-744-7404, 520-572-7492
8695 804-253-0670
8696 804-253-0670
9513 215-317-2148
9517 215-918-3197
9519 410-513-0408
9529 301-210-3071
9534 302-672-5928, 800-343-2494 (Local Office)
9562 804-253-0670
9568 732-618-1640, 848-992-3799
9568 609-301-8109
9569 301-315-6672
9586 901-259-1492
9592 804-253-0670
Minneapolis 612-522-2318
St Paul 651-493-6375



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  1. fleef says:

    Great…now customers in Houston will be calling the Long Island dispatch when their tech doesn’t arrive…I love how the telephone numbers posted do not specify which city/state they belong to. In a moment of frustration, people will dial any of those numbers on the list.

  2. Falconfire says:

    @fleef: I think people are smart enough to know to call the closest area code to them.

    As for techs missing appointments, I have the opposite problem in NJ. Too often they come 30-45 minute to EARLY, and thus I miss them because I was at work. If the schedule says 3-5 showing up at 2:30 while commendable is not 3-5.

  3. tvh2k says:


    If comcast would just give out these numbers or transfer you through to them we wouldn’t have this problem.

  4. ptkdude says:

    I’ve had Comcast techs show up early once or twice. They are notorious, however, for showing up late. My usual policy is to call Comcast customer service (404-COM-CAST for me) and advise the rep the technician is late, and that for every 5 minutes they are late I want a day’s worth of service credited to my account. I also point out I will be advising the franchise authority. They have always agreed to this and the techs get here pretty quick at that point.

  5. gwong says:

    I’m betting that Comcast will be requesting a couple of phone number changes sometime soon.

  6. Bay State Darren says:

    @ptkdude: I like that idea.

  7. Loker says:

    I think Comcast is better with tech visits than most cable companies. You do not often here complaints about missing techs for Comcast.

    In my area they generally show up before the scheduled time and call to see if your home, If you are not they will sit out in drive way until its your time slot.

  8. Loker says:

    I just wanted to add giving these numbers out are just going to make things worse if they are in fact already bad. The dispatcher wont be able to do their job if they have to deal with a constant influx of customers calling because their technician is 5 minutes late OR wait the people who get online and complain Comcast showed up at the tail end of the time window they were given.

  9. ComcastServiceRep says:

    First off You people are a bunch or morons. Dispatch will not take your call. They will advise you to call customer service. Calling them will not speed up the process. A service rep cant even call dispatch. There is a procedure in place for a reason. A ticket neads to be filled out so this can be tracked. Second a threat of a days worth of credit for every 5 mins the tech is late will never be applied to an account. I would laugh if some one asked for that credit. Again this will not speed up the process either. He/She will get there as soon as possible. We have an on time guarente which is $20 for when a tech is late. Third, the franchise authority would not be able to help you either.Threats dont resolve anything! Shit happens Techs are late cars break down Traffic jams happen. Get a life and stop crying when you tv dosent work. The only thing you can do is call ask for your on time garente and ask where the tech is. Calling dispatch will definatly slow the process down making techs even later because they will not be able to call in to get the boxes activated. Do every comcast customer a favor and dont call these numbers!!! WISE UP PEOPLE!!!

  10. dscosson says:


    While you said it rudely and crudely, you said it.

    Wise up, people.

  11. Secularsage says:

    “Comcast is notorious for techs missing their appointments.”

    Or for violence/theft/verbal abuse.

    Or for sleeping on the job:

    God love ’em!

  12. ComcastTechInPA says:

    So, here’s a day in the life of a Comcast tech (for those who care to read)… Might help ease some of this tension…

    I get into the office at 7:30am, hand in my work orders, and wait for what should only be 15 minutes, but ends up being 45 to get my route. I then check out my equipment (again, a 5 minute process that takes 20 for some reason). Finally I’m on the road on my way to the first of my 3 8-10 appt’s. Wait, this first job is 30 miles away!! Oh no, rush hour traffic on the expressway!! I get to the first of my 3 8-10 appt’s at a little after 9:00am. Wait, you ordered how many boxes?!? And you have no existing wiring? (Work order shows 1 box, on a pre-wired install). It’s 9:50 and I’m on my way to the second of my 3 8-10’s. What’s this? DirecTV or Dish cut my drop!!! (Which is pointless by the way, don’t know why they feel the need). Here’s me running an new aerial @ 10:15am, and I have not even gotten to my third 8-10 appt yet. I can only hope that I run into some quick and easy jobs later so I can get home before 8:00pm and actually eat a decent dinner that my wife has made (if she hasn’t already left me)…

    Long story short, give us a break… We work too, and we know your time is valuable. Please don’t tell us, “You know, SOME of us have to work for a living!!” I do work for a living; This… me in your house… hooking up your cable for your enjoyment… This is ME working. Calling dispatch will only serve to cause more annoyance on everybody’s part, yours included.

  13. poornotignorant says:

    @Comcastservicerep: If you and your fellow reps weren’t so incompetent and/or lazy and selfish, customers wouldn’t have to go to such great lengths for respectable service. Stop lying about what you are doing on the road and grow a conscience.

  14. method829 says:

    what the service rep said above is true, calling a dispatcher will solve nothing since there is procedures that must be followed, unfortunately they can take time. Most of the service reps understand that a 20 dollar credit is nothing and does not make up for all the lost time, but keep in mind its a goodwill gesture given by the company its not something they really need to have in place. Im sure that many service reps out there feel that there needs to be a more uniform approach to contacting a dispatcher, but there really isnt and until that day they will continue using the resources given to them. now please dont call those numbers if you want anything done, cause chances are they will get nothing done

  15. dragonpup says:

    Dispatch doesn’t speak directly to subs. if you call, you will be transferred to customer service’s queue. Please don’t harass my department. :p

    Also, like the ServiceRep said, when you call through customer service, there are tickets created and tracked to see if that tech is constantly late and missing appointments. If you bypass the procedure, you give the late tech a pass.

  16. Zor-Thog says:

    I work for the company and don’t have access to this information! Dang, I’m posting this in my cube!

  17. Anonymous says:

    ok here’s to go…as a comcast account executive i want to tell you something…call to a dispatch doesnt solve nothing, first of all, the great number of appointments where cancel first because always customer gave a phone number that isnt active or never answer, and before tech call and nobody answer the appoinment automatically be cancel…second…if tech is late is because hasnt one appoinment for a hole day and this appointment is for you, “the center of universe”…tech have the right to be late because have a lot of work and is trying to fix the cable issue of other customers like you…third one…always we give credit for days that customer doesnt have service but this depends of the customers credit history with comcast…we cant gave a credit for several days or any kind of credit if customer doesnt pay on time or have a past due of 45 day or more…also how do you feel if somebody calls you and suddenly beggin to said all of kind of things…i want to remember to the customers that the phone representatives doesnt do the comcast rules…ok you are mad because hasnt service or whatever you want but if you are upset and also shouting, believe never understand to what cae is telling you and also if you still in a bad attitude and doesnt give us the opportunity to make our job, we can drop you the call, you always talking about that representatives drops you…but you never write the causes, we never drop a call because we get fired, unless, you are shouting like crazy and insulting people…and the last one…managers have the same info that we have…you always asking for a supervisor but have the same system, the same information and the sime guideline to follow…this info i will give you to facilitate your live…oh! and i forgot…also dispatch tolds you to call to customer service…just in case…because always call with excuses that you doesnt have time or you are too old that have this problems….

  18. meganea says:

    If you don’t like waiting the standard 2 hour waiting time for Comcast appoitments then please go to Dish or Direct TV who give out 4 hour window of arrival.

  19. stonewall554 says:

    well this is great! Now there dispatch department will be so inondated with customer calls (most of which will have nothing to due with dispatching a tech and do you really think people are going to wait till the tech is 5 mins late?) that the techs wont be able to get through which will only make them more late for the next job…..so thank you for making the problem worse!

    Heres a question….all these telecom / cable companies, like verizon, comcast, dish networks etc., have crappy customer service ratings, lets ask ourselves whats the one thing they all have in common?……and the answer…..THE CUSTOMERS!! Maybe I have a pesimistic view but atleast 75% of people have completely rediculous expectations, have no understanding of the technology and seem to be completely shocked when a piece of electronic equipment breaks….”oh my gosh, my DSL modem broke after only 3yrs, 4 spilt sodas, and an accident with a screwdriver and a hammer, and verizon says they cant flip a light switch and make it all better….verizon must suck!” The biggest problem with consumer products is the consumer!

  20. A. Bryant Betsill says:

    I have been a service tech myself, not for ComCast. Shit happens. If all homes were already wired in then half the problems would be solved. But that is for building codes to have done. SO, when I need a service tech, I just wait. NOW if there is a real problem with ComCast that repeats, and they can’t won’t fix it. Then google for your states Public Service Commission, Secetary of your state, you state’s consumer help authority, you state departments like those… THEN send them a real snail mail letter in an envelope. That shows them you are serious. Don’t send a e-mail you lazy butt.. When complain through my State Public Service Com. I get phone calls from the assistant to the corporate CEO and the like wanting to fix the problem…WHY? cause the public utitlities don’t like the state knowing how shitty they treat the citizen and might implement new laws…
    Keep Clear

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting and the ‘inside’ info,I’m just tired of being ignored and kept in the dark by them. Some people here may say that they have not much problem with techs arriving,but being that I’m in Philadelphia-one of the biggest city of slackers I’ve ever witnessed,it doesn’t surprise me.