Top Verizon Stories

Warrant Issued For Verizon’s Arrest
“Just before Poodleman filed a motion to seize Verizon’s property, he received a check from the company….Perhaps it was better for everyone involved that Verizon paid Poodleman, as it might have been a bit difficult for the sheriff to arrest an entire company.”

My Mom Tries To Buy A Cellphone
“I admit to being telephonically challenged*. I gave up my rotary phone only after it fell apart from old age. ..”

Why Are Text Messages Marked Up 7314%?
“Verizon and other cellphone companies mark up the cost of text messages by at least 7314% when compared to their rates for data transfer services…”

Verizon Takes 6 Months To Install FiOS
“It was a debacle, starting with his first customer service calls to get the fiber optic installed, like this quote from a customer service rep: “Sir, I think I know our products pretty well, and there’s no such thing as fie-ohsss here. Maybe you’re thinking of another company.””

• Verizon Mars Credit Report, Refuses To Accept Payment
“Our reader went through CSRs Carla, Tina, Mike, and Corin telling each the same thing: I want to make good on any outstanding balance however I do not want an error on your part to reflect on my account; can you help me? Nobody could help our reader. “