Improved Your Credit Score? Tell Your Car Insurance Company

If you’ve improved your credit in the last three years, you might want to ask your insurers to rerun your credit. It might save you some money. Jeff writes:

I emailed you about 2 weeks ago complaining that Progressive Insurance only runs it’s credit check every 3 years. Knowing my credit history improved, I thought this unfair and called them.

Since them I received an updated bill and it was $67.50 cheaper (for 6 months)–just based on a new credit check! Obviously if readers credit history worsens, wouldn’t recommend an updated credit check, but for most people, if you don’t ask for the current credit check, you could be losing dollars.

Good tip, Jeff. Insurers compare your credit score to the scores of their other clients and use it as a way to predict how likely you are to have an accident. Apparently, people with similar credit scores have similar driving habits. For more info on how Progressive uses this information, click here. —MEGHANN MARCO


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