Walmart's "Great Value" Brand Pizza Could Use Some More Cheese

We just found this picture in our inbox with no explanation attached. Why did Shane take a picture of his Walmart pizza and send it to us?

We think it might have something to do with the maddening lack of cheese. Uh, gross. Thanks for sharing that, Shane.

We will continue our previous policy of not eating food from Walmart. If you’d like to more closely examine the pizza, you can click for the hi-res version. We love our job.—MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. Skylar says:

    What is it with pizzas using the little pepperoni cubes instead of slices? I just noticed that recently with a lot of cheap pizzas. I guess I’ll use that as a telltale sign that you’re going to get what you pay for.

  2. Athenor says:

    I would’ve been laughed out of the deli I worked in if I made a pizza that poorly.

  3. kerry says:

    Y’know, I like the pepperoni chunks better than the slices. They get crispy without getting rubbery, and still maintain a juicy, meaty texture and flavor. Maybe I’m a total freak, though.
    Also? This pizza looks like someone squirted it with ketchup or blood or something. Very disturbing.

  4. Nicholai says:

    yah, That looks like cold tomato soup. Oh, when I was in third grade, the school had pizzas with pepperoni cubes, they had the texture of silicone sealant, and tasted worse.

  5. tvh2k says:

    See I disagree with you all. At college I eat walmart pizza all the time–I love sauce and hate a lot of cheese on my pizza. Plus you can’t beat the price — I believe they were 99c each!

  6. Athenor says:


    Yes, but… At the very least they could make a false advertising claim. It looks like that pizza has been cooked, meaning there was even less cheese on it than it appears at first blush (due to spreading).

  7. Art Vandelay says:

    Their thin brick over/square pizza is pretty good as far as frozen pizza goes. There, I said it. I shop at Wal-Mart. What are you going to do when you’re a broke student?

  8. Art Vandelay says:

    Dammit, hate to double post, but the flavor I was talking about was the cheese pizza.

  9. LochNess says:

    Do they all look like that, or just this one? I’ve never bought anything at Walmar, so I’ve never seen one before.

  10. kenposan says:

    Can’t say anything about Walmart pizza, but Kroger house brand pizza is really good.

  11. LAGirl says:

    i’m guessing that Shane wanted to contribute to the ‘food that doesn’t look like the picture’ database.

  12. jaredharley says:

    Pepperoni cubes are gross.

    Funny story about pepperoni – My wife and I were in Germany last month, and while at an Italian restaurant, I ordered a “pizza mit pepperoni” and our waiter immediately asked me where we were from. When I said the US, he told me (in English, I might add) that what I wanted was a salami pizza. In Germany, pepperoni refers to peppers (the green, red, and yellow variety).

    I never said it was a good story…

  13. FrankTheTank says:


    Same thing in Japan.

  14. Datacloud says:

    I would imagine that the only benefit to cubed pepperoni is that it doesn’t drag the entire epidermis of cheese off of the slice as you bite into it.

  15. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I’d say that the picture on the box is overly optimistic when it comes to cheese content. But come on, it’s Wal-Mart pizza..the expectations are not exactly sky-high here.

  16. moorie679 says:

    when you blow all your money on books and booze sometimes this is the only option……..I lived off these and ramen noodles for about a year…….

  17. During a time of financial stress, my wife and I bought some Wal-Mart “Great Value” products. Here’s what we found:

    The Great Value Macaroni and Cheese had no cheese packet enclosed. That’s not so much of a value, isn’t it?

    The Great Value “Spicy tomato and Peppers” was almost exclusively tomato – we read the label and found they add something like hot sauce to get the “pepper” flavor.

    It’s not worth the few cents you save – and Wal Mart may not be living up to the nutritional information printed on their packaging, since the random level of quality control seems to indicate that whatever is left in the factory is what makes it into the box.

  18. AcidReign says:

    …..I’ve seen those. Never tried one, because it sits right next to the California Pizza Kitchen items, which are excellent for store-bought. That, and my cart’s usually pretty full by the time I get to the pizza cooler, too.

  19. ShadowFalls says:

    There is better $1 pizzas than these to be honest, but Red Baron I think is alot better. For $1.50 to $2 more you can get a bigger pizza with more toppings and actually tastes good.

  20. The Bigger Unit says:

    @LochNess: Generally all pizzas that cost 99 cents look like that. This one’s no fluke. And I agree…the Kroger pizzas are good; I had a helluva one that was triple meat or something, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t one of the best ones I’ve had. From the grocery that is.

  21. jaewon223 says:

    I don’t know what everybody is complaining about. That pizza needs some more sauce not cheese…


  22. mantari says:

    That’s certainly very innovative for a tomato soup bowl.

  23. TWinter says:


    German pepperoni are the kind of peppers usually called pepperoncini in the US and they are always yellowish green in color. Bell peppers of the red, green, yellow variety are Paprika in German, which is also just a little confusing the first time you bump into it.

  24. superlayne says:

    It looks like it’s trying to scab over.

  25. Dibbler says:

    The picture looks like he actually baked it. Was he still planning on eating it? Yeck! My wife always buys Totino’s pizza which for $1 aren’t too bad. Sometimes you can find them for like 85 cents when they’re on sale. I actually prefer them to Red Baron pizza just because there is something about the crust which makes them sooooo good…

  26. enm4r says:

    @The Nature Boy:

    I disagree. I’ve never seen a Jenos or Totinos pizza look that bad. And I’ve had my share in the years of all nighters and coming home at 3 or 4 after a night of drinking looking for some quick and easy food.

    But the cube pepperoni thing is weird, and I’ve never been able to solve it. Back to the days of the rectangle pizza in the elementary school cafeteria I can remember trying to figure out why they weren’t round slices to no avail.

  27. factotum says:

    Boboli is the only way to go for homemade pizza. Have you ever tried to make pizza with the dough from Trader Joe’s? It really is an art and I’m not an artist.

  28. hobear23 says:

    see thats why you buy a crappy pizza, and then buy some shredded cheese and pepperoni to put on top of it. its still about 5 bucks that way, and you can cheese that sumbitch up as much as you like.

  29. ahwannabe says:

    Wolfgang Puck makes a cheeseless pizza that sells for a helluva lot more than a buck.

  30. legotech says:

    Many REPUTABLE grocery stores use major manufacturers for their store brand…I worked at a supermarket in the Midwest and our store brand brats were made by Johnsonville. So that Kroger Pizza is probably red baron or stouffers with a different label…this creation pictured above? No clue, looks like it was made by someone who’d never actually seen a pizza in person before.

  31. FLConsumer says:

    Um… why the hell is anyone buying FOOD from Mal-Wart? Don’t you care about your body? If you feel that desperate, go dumpster diving behind a decent restaurant. Better chance of staying healthy after eating the dumpster-dive food without worrying about recalls or inept workers.

  32. JDAC says:

    Anyone who wants cheap pizza eats in england can do a lot worse than Pizza Express pizzas from the supermarket. They’re fresh, not frozen, and taste better than most delivery pizza.

  33. Freschetta FTW

    Sure its $4 a pie, but its comparable to a $10 delivered pizza.

    Anyway, after working at a Giordano’s for a long time there’s no way in hell I could eat a Great Value pizza. You get what you pay for.

  34. John Stracke says:

    I suspect the reason for pepperoni cubes is that the factory can use simpler machinery: just shake the cubes on, like salt, instead of laying down round slices one at a time.

  35. Nytmare says:

    The color of the pizza is an inverse of the box photo, heh.

  36. olegna says:

    There is some food I like to eat from Wal Mart, namely the vanilla beans and beef jerky I used to shoplift from there all the time – esp. in the wintertime — big pockets. Sure, it was wrong, but it was cathartic, too, to think I was stealing from China’s seventh-largest trading partner that has done shit like screwed workers out of their overtime and hired contractors that exploit undocumented migrant workers at the expense of legal residents and citizens who could use those jobs. I’m not anti-migrant, but it does annoy me when companies and Tom Tancredo look the other way on stuff like this in the name of the “free market” and then turn the migrants themselves into the pariahs, but I digress. Funny how that self-justification works. I also recommend stealing the freebies at the Starbucks counter and only entering McDonald’s to take shits and free napkins.

  37. randalf says:

    Responding to JDAC’s comment about British ‘value’ pizzas, the Pizza Express pizzas – although very nice – would be considered a ‘premium’ product. They cost around 7/8 bucks.

    The nearest equivalent to that Walmart… “thing”… here in Blighty would be “Goodfellas” frozen pizzas, which aren’t too bad, considering.

  38. The Bigger Unit says:

    @legotech: Sure, Kroger pizza likely was a brand name with a different label, but it wasn’t as good as any brand name I’ve had before for some reason (I usually eat Baron and I’ve tried Stouffer’s). Wish I had checked which company made it on the box. Now I want another one.

  39. whans2007 says:

    At our fairly new Super Wal-Mart, the grocery selection is huge (as much as any other supermarket in the area) and the prices on name-brand food (I buy ONLY name-brand food and everything else for that matter) are MUCH lower. An example would be Gatorade in 20 oz. bottles. I can purchase a package of 8 at Wal-Mart for $4.99 as opposed to a package of 6 at a local supermarket chain for $5.99 – BIG Difference…Is Wal-Mart evil? Depends on who you ask. Do I save a ton of money shopping there, yes, I do. Besides that, I have the hots for someone that works there (and goes to my gym). So,

    Big Savings + Eye Candy = Happy Will

  40. joemono says:

    That pizza reminds me of Chewties!

  41. Moosehawk says:

    I think the only pizza that looks worse than that is Super America pizza from the gas station. The cheese looks like it was derived from melted wax. I don’t even want to know what it tastes like, especially after sitting under those hot lamps for an hour.

  42. Trai_Dep says:

    The pizza looks like it was placed under Carrie after she was crowned Prom Queen.

  43. prodevel says:

    Even scarier is that pepperoni should be more expensive than cheese – apparently not this stuff.

  44. SexCpotatoes says:

    The cubed pepperoni comes from square pigs, true story*

    *-denotes that story = fiction and has absolutely nothing to do with the word “true”

  45. fatal616 says:

    You get what you paid for.

    Don’t act like Walmart food is less superior than others when most of you probably consume fast food which is beyond nasty. Go team America!

  46. CleverGirl says:

    This is about WalMart “steaks”. I can tell you first hand that WalMart steak (at least the one I bought) is mystery meat. I purchased a “rib-eye steak” a few weeks ago, and I had to throw it in the trash, shortly after realizing, while it roasted, that this was NO beef steak. The center of the “steak” never turned to another color, other than RED, after roasting for 5-10 minutes on each side! With apprehension (and hunger) I actually tasted the “meat”, and the taste and texture was so disgusting that I had to get rid of it. The texture was that of a frozen something and the taste was nothing like any beef steak I ever ate. I guess what the previous poster says is true: “You get what you paid for”. Well, I paid for crap, and crap is what I got. So much for “Go Team America”… whatever THAT means. I will never shop for food at WalMart again.

  47. dante63 says:

    Most of these store brand frozen pizzas seem to be made by the same company, you can tell right away just by looking at the crust. Looking at the picture that one without a doubt looks gross but at the same time it seems to have been under-baked and has more sauce than they usually come with. The main problem with them is that there doesn’t seem to be a strict quality control guideline as they can come with a lot of cheese and/or pepperoni or hardly with any. Most supermarkets here have them and just so you know how bad they are: the walmart one is better than most if not all.

    As for the rest out there i for one prefer Ellios 9 slice cheese pizza, in the past i would have more options like a multi pack of Jeno’s snack size pizzas, a tray by Jeno’s with 15 bite size pizzas and other brands like Buitoni and the original chefboyardee 4 little pizzas. I find that brands like Jeno’s and Totino’s have messed up what they had with so called improvements.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that Walmart’s brand “Great Value” doesn’t seem to have to put the list of allergens on their products that other products do. I believe that is supposed to be on the package by law, or am I totally wrong or mistaken?