Top Geek Squad Stories To Date

The 10 Page Geek Squad Confession – “Stealing Customers’ Nudie Pics Was An Easter Egg Hunt”
“Geek Squad agents scour your computer for those porn pics you and your girlfriend(s) took, and load it onto their thumb drives. Even the ones you thought you deleted.”

Deja Vu: Geek Squad Gives Elderly Couple’s Hard Drive to Flea Market
“…an elderly couple who trusted the Geek Squad to repair their computer, only to get a call from a good Samaritan who bought their hard drive at a flea market.”

Geek Squad Sued For Videoing Customer In Shower
“”You could see him on the video setting it up,” Vasquez said. “I was shocked.””

80% Of Geek Squad Employees Say They Don’t Use Anti-Static Wrist Straps
“56% of Geek Squad employees responding to a poll on a company online forum said they found “no reason” to use anti-static wrist straps when repairing customer’s computers.”

Geek Squad Gouges
“As many computer technicians know completing a malware removal takes more than 24 hours just for scans. In order to meet turn times of less than 24 hours we were told to complete work quickly, not double check our work and not complete full scans.”

Geek Squad Charges $415 Dollars To Replace A Hard Drive; Makes Customer Retrieve Data Files Himself
“It seems that despite the fact that Geek Squad bills itself as a friendly alternative to scary computer repair places who’ll rip you off, they’re not even as good as your friend at work. Maybe O. would have been better off if he’d just offered his friend $250.00 if he could get the computer to work.”

Court Transcript Of “Peek Squad” Agent’s No-Contest Plea
“…the court transcript detailing former Geek Squad Agent Hao Kuo Chi “no-contest” plea in the case of his alleged setting up a cameraphone while on call in a customer’s house and recording a young woman taking a shower.”

Geek Squad City Tell-All VS Founder Of Geek Squad
“Chris J, the ex-employee, alleges that Geek Squad City techs receive little training and are recruited from fast food counters. He says the techs have no access to technical manuals for your computer. Repairs are often done by “shotgun approach” where they “spray” your computer with parts in the hopes that will fix the problem, he says. Superglue is used to make repairs. No one gets trained in the on-site tools needed for doing component level repair.

Needless to say, Robert doesn’t quite agree with all that.”

(Photo: Laughing Squid)