Retailers Get Sued For Printing Too Many Credit Card Digits On Receipts

As of Dec 4th, 2006, it’s illegal for a retailer to print more than five digits of your credit card on your receipt. Retailers who persisted are getting hit in a recent whirlwind of class-action lawsuits.

“Slips of paper containing people’s financial information should not be floating around,” says J. Mark Moore, a lawyer at Spiro Moss Barness LLP in Los Angeles.

Among the targets are Rite Aid, Wendy’s, FedEx, TJMaxx and IKEA.

Keep an eye on those receipts. Find one with more than 5 credit card digits on it and it could the equivalent of an unclaimed winning lottery ticket, if one were so inclined. — BEN POPKEN

Retailers Whose Slips Show Too Much Attract Lawsuits [WSJ via Consumer World Blog]
(Photo: Mikey aka DaSkinnyBlackMan)