China Is Full Of Nasty Food Practices, Like Reselling Discarded KFC On The Street

In China, they add melamine to the pet food to make it look like it has higher protein, make “soy sauce” from human hair, soak fish in ink to make their color better, and feed eels birth control to make them longer and more slender. They also pick up discarded KFC chicken pieces from the garbage and sell them at street vendor booths, Shanghai Daily reports.

He said a cleaner can earn 300 yuan (US$38.86) a month in wages from KFC but selling chickens “rescued” from the trash can bring them up to 6,000 yuan a month.

“A drumstick is sold at two yuan and a chicken wing is 1.5 yuan,” he told the newspaper. “The job is popular because of the ‘potential income.'”

Indeed, pure profit. You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s lunch.

Maybe it’s time certain products should have to sport a label that says, “contains ingredients from China.” — BEN POPKEN

Fuzhou vendors resell discarded KFC chickens [ShanghaiDaily]
(Photo: China Daily)

Raymond writes:

    “…When I lived in the Philippines, I saw this show on TV that investigated such activity. They sell the chicken to “roadside eateries” and they get recooked and made into things like fried chicken or some stew; this is because it cost only a few cents as opposed to a few dollars for real chicken meat…”

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