Great Moments In Commercial History: Fuccillo Hyundai of Greece

Joe writes:
Here’s an ad for Fucillo Hyundai, which sells cars in beautiful central New York (Rochester/Syracuse area). Greece is a suburb of Rochester. His tagline is “It’s HUUUUUUGE!” and his commercials are all over the airwaves.

We are somewhat confused by and in awe of Mr. Fuccillo. We were certainly not aware that heaven was “very similar to Ridge Road In Greece.” Yet, we accept it as fact with little or no backtalk.

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  1. homerjay says:

    That wasn’t entertaining… that was just dumb…

  2. endersshadow says:

    Oh man, I’m from Central NY, so I see his commercials all the time. That’s not even the best one. If you ever run into a central New Yorker, just go, “IT’S YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEEE” and they will immediately start laughing…guaranteed. Oh Billy Fucillo, I was waiting for you to get onto the internet.

  3. mechugena says:

    Personally, I’m offended by Billy Fucillo. I bought a brand new Tucscon from his dealership in Canoga Park, CA at the end of last year. About 2.5 months later, when I had to take my car in for a recall repair, the dealership closed without even notifying its customers (I did receive a letter back-dated about 3 weeks around 2 weeks after I discovered they were closed). Apparently, his team walked into this location one afternoon, said they were closing up, and asked everyone to leave.

    I contacted Mr. Fucillo’s dealership in Syracuse and asked for a call back. Still waiting…

    In my opinion, what started as one bad customer-service issue turned into multiple ones.

    Thankfully, there’s a great dealer in Thousand Oaks who has taken it upon themselves to honor Fucillo’s customers.

  4. BelBivDevolkswagen says:

    If you like those, you should dig up the old Irondequoit Dodge commercials with Vinny and Angelo and their mother (rest in peace).

  5. Dan says:

    Ahh, that brings me back to my college days in upstate New York. Somewhere, I need to find the used car commercial I saw that involved the salesman smashing the window of the car and then setting the hood on fire. That was just about the best commercial I’ve ever seen. I wish I’d had the whole thing unmuted, but I was too busy staring in fascinated horror.

  6. chipslave says:


    Im sure the dealership that is “honoring” the other dealership’s cars is making pretty good money. Recall work is always paid out by the mfg. company so I doubt they are too put out by doing the service work…

  7. endersshadow says:

    Oh, disclaimer: Nobody ever buy a car from Billy Fucillo. Ever. I’ve never heard one good thing about their service or negotiation…For those of you in the Syracuse area :)

  8. YES! I was waiting to see Fuccillo show up on here. His commercials were ridiculous during my college days Upstate. Apparently, he also has some dealerships in California, where he also does the “HUUUUUUGE” – only in Spanish. “MUCHO GRANDE!”

  9. Scott says:

    Unfortunately, that ass clown has dealerships, and those ridiculous commercials, here in Albany, NY, too. I’d never buy anything from any business that makes me scramble for the remote when their annoying commercials spew from my TV.

  10. kgazette says:

    @BelBivDevolkswagen: Ditto to that! “Irondequoit-a Dodge!”

    Fuccillo’s commercials drive me up the wall. For a while I found them amusing because my high school US History teacher also said “huge” like that, but now Fuccillo just gets on my nerves.

    At least it’s not Mike Ognibene, though! He’s a guy that makes me want to smash my TV and never buy a car. “WE’LL SEE YOU RIGHT HERE!”

  11. nightbird says:

    Oh, jesus not these assholes. I have to see their stupid faces “It’s huuuuuuuge!” plastered on almost every bus in the Buffalo/Niagara area.

  12. Vilgrom says:

    I live right between Syracuse and Albany. That guy’s commercials are unavoidable.

    I didn’t know his dealership domain extended across the whole state, let alone into California.

    I just wish everyone would stop saying “hyuuuuuuu – ge.”

  13. Justinh6 says:

    This tool is all over the buffalo air waves. Every other tv commercial and radio commercial is his.

    My friends would see billy in downtown buffalo literally stumbling drunk with a pair of blonde bimbos.

  14. LTS! says:

    On the bright side my 3 year old son learned to cover his ears and start going “La la la la” all on his own when those annoying commercials come on.

    Ahh Rochester’s car commercials.. let’s see:

    “We’ll see you right here!”
    “You can’t stack cars!”
    “Oh yea, see your Vision now”
    “Eggs are cheaper in the country and so are the cars.”
    “Just a hop skip and a jump past Lollypop Farms”
    “Got Twenty? Save Plenty.”
    “Think Toyota, Think Vanderstyne, Smaaaart Thinking”
    “You know what you get from HOnda for $109 a month? A lawnmower!”
    “Come on.. Buy One!”

    Okay, that’s enough suffering for everyone. I’ve purchased 4 cars since moving to Rochester, and not one from a dealer whose tagline was mentioned above. Fucillo fits right in.

  15. MotherFury says:

    OMG. Fucillo and his hugeness has polluted the WNY airwaves long enough. You guys can have him. Really. Take him and his huuuuuge face all over the metro buses. But whatever you do, don’t reward him for his obnoxious behavior.

  16. boxoman says:

    i really really hate that guy. his commercials are infesting television and they are a misery to watch. every time i see one, i get angry. if i hear, it HUUUUUGGGGEEE… one more time, i am going to have to get out a HUUUUUUGGGGGEEE blunt object and do something about it!

  17. kcskater says:

    the tage line isn’t quite as good as, ‘you can’t stack cars,’ but the delivery is more memorable.

  18. ScramDiggyBooBoo says:

    Thanks alot consumerist!!! I thought i had finally gotten rid of Fucillo when i burned my tv after i saw his commercial!! This guy looks like a lazy fat slob!! The only marketing campaign he could come up with was ummm..its…HUUUUGEEEE.. WTF? Everytime i hear that commercial my ears start to bleed…

  19. cakesandsteaks says:

    Here’s a link to an interesting article about Billy Fuccillo’s commercial costar Tom Park. Since Fuccillo does a new commercial or two every week for each dealership he owns, and they do everything in 1 take, the guy has managed to be in over 100,000 commercials!

  20. virgilstar says:

    Hey you, what’s your vision?

    Just kill me now!

  21. DirtyWilly says:

    I’d never buy from Mike Ognibene. Any scheister dealer who feels he needs to tack a Jesus Fish on to his commercials doesn’t get my business… on top of the cliche car dealer lameness that he already exudes.

    My 2 and a half year old god-daughter runs around yelling HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE now.

    The thing that bothers me, is obviously that this marketing works because these dumbasses are still in business.

  22. BuffaloZigg says:

    I live in the Buffalo arean and his advertising budget must be HUUUUGGGGEEEEE. He’s on a bunch of the NFTA buses as full bus “wraps”. His commercials are becoming less of a common sight but he still does have the occasional one advertising a sale of some sort. He is obnoxious to a T. He will hang out on Chippawa Street in downtown Buffalo and act liek he owns the SoHo bar, buying a drink for any lady that even gives him the time of day.
    When I was looking for my truck (05 Tundra) I emailed and faxed his dealership (my standard negotiating start for any car purchase), and did not recieve a callback from them for over a week. By this time I already had a deposit down on the exact truck I wanted. when his sales person talked to me he for the most part berated me for not waiting and buying from him. He told me that my truck was impossible to find with the options I wanted (The dealership I got it from found it on their first search), and that my price I was looking to pay with my trade in being covered was “something we’ll have to work on”. The dealership I did buy from bought my old car (03 WRX) in a heartbeat because of the demand for it, and even offered me incentives on financing that Fucillio told me “would be hard to pull off on a deal like this”.

  23. CNYSukkah says:

    This is the typical Upstate New York adplan: They get some “Mom&Pop” slogan and beat it like a dead car salesman.

    EVERYONE I know avoids this guy and his juvenile ads like the Black Plague!

    No graphics, no real message, just the overstated “huge” selection by the fat blowhard.

    The production quality is abyssmal, the message is all over trhe place, and the photography is the usual, amateur shakiness and composition.

    “Time for a new ad agency” seems lost on this guy:They think his ad notoriety is a positive!

  24. Underclassed says:

    Ha! I’m originally from Syracuse, so I grew up with Fuccillo commercials and on top of that, his girlfriend is my neighbor here in Buffalo.

  25. GregCo3000 says:

    Ridge Road in Greece is the nastiest place. I really hope, for all you believers out there, that heaven is NOTHING like it.

  26. gamble says:

    So, what’s up with him mispronouncing Hyundai? It’s pronounced like Sunday but with an H. I’m pretty sure I could never bring myself to buy a car from a guy who doesn’t even know enough about the car to pronounce the name correctly.

  27. avantartist says:

    i’m shaking my head… Ridge Road In Greece is about as far from heaven as you can get. how embarrassing for us here in rochester {sigh}.

  28. Anonymous says:

    does anyone remeber the commercial where the guy picks the back of the car up off the ground and a little girl says “HE DID IT!”??? This was a Syracuse car commercial. Probably the best commercial ever. I would kill to see it again.

  29. 2011 Sonata says:

    So they were quick to push a sale……
    1) Didn’t pay off my trade and said they did a few times; the bank keeps calling ME! They had certainly NOT paid off my vehicle.
    2) Didn’t put on the insurance to my new vechicle-WOW was I surprised to get a suspension order to turn in my new plates to DMV
    3) Quick to send out a bill for $44 to cover their mis-judgement in inspection price; two weeks later I still don’t have a registration for my new vechicle, and it’s time to make the first payment!

    Soooo, it’s time to make the first payment and I don’t have insurance or a registration and the trade in just got paid off-with my credit being marked for late payment!

    HUGE bullshit