FDA Names "Food Safety Czar"

The FDA has appointed a “Director of the Food Safety and Security Staff,” which the media has shortened to “Food Safety Czar.” The new Director of Food Safety is David W.K. Acheson, M.D, whom we will, naturally, be nicknaming “David W.K.”

David W.K. (no relation), is also known as the guy who told NPR that bagged lettuce was not safe to eat. In that interview, we got the distinct impression that David W.K.was ready to get down to business. Still, the questions linger.

Can David W.K. fix the broken U.S. Food Safety System? Can he make it so the same inspectors are in charge of both open-faced sandwiches and regular ones? Can he protect us from evil Chinese catfish? Salmonella Walmart peanut butter? Deadly pet food?

Quick, someone ask the “Drug Czar” how the title has been working out for him.—MEGHANN MARCO

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(Photo: Wikipedia)

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