Charter Communications Company Newsletter Details "No Lying About Install Time Policy" Same Day Negative News Article About The Same Appears

The same day a former Charter Communications customer service rep spilled her guts to the St Louis Post-Dispatch about how the cable company actively lies to its customers about when techs are going to show up, the subject appeared in Charter’s internal company newsletter. Which we, of course, have a copy of…

Basically, all that stuff the rep talked about in the article, about making up arrival times for the techs? And giving away nonworking numbers if they try to escalate issues? Don’t do that.



There’s the official policy, and then there’s what people actually do. Employees are expected to deliver the results based on the latter, but if caught by an outside source, will be penalized based on the former. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. rugger_can says:

    Companies do this all the time. Send out a memo then flat out tell you to do another thing.

  2. Wargazm says:

    What a bullshit policy. Time-framed appointments my ass. If my doctor told me to come in to the office and he’d see me some time between 8 and noon or 1 and 5, I’d tell him to go fuck himself.

    God I hate cable companies so much. If the damn techs have cell phones, then the company SHOULD guarantee a phone call to the customer before they arrive. This is just common goddamn courtesy.

  3. NeoteriX says:

    Charter Communications, a one act play.

    President: Ok, time to publish our latest employee bulletin.
    Accounting Exec: Ok, make sure to emphasize once again that we cannot guarantee appointments. Hiring more service agents would cut into our profits.
    President: sounds good to me.
    Customer Exec: Ok, we also need to emphasize some I like to call, a “World Class Customer Experience.” The more our customers feel like VIPs, the longer they will stay with us and the more new customers we’ll get–which means more profits.
    President: that sounds great to me too. You got that all down?
    Stenographer: Uh yeah. But aren’t those two things mutually exclusive? You can’t have both those things and expect it to make any sense to employees.
    President: Just type it, damnit. It’s our job to run the company. That’s what we get paid the big bucks for. *chortle* *chortle*
    Accounting Exec: *chortle*
    Customer Exec: *chortle*

  4. Jamie Beckland says:

    @Wargazm: But doctors schedule you for 10:00, then don’t see you until 11:00.

    At least with the cable company they are being honest in saying that they don’t know exactly when they will get to you.

    In the self-service internet age, this will only get more frustrating…

  5. Echodork says:

    It takes almost zero effort to pick up the phone and call your 12:00 customer to say “My 10:00 job is running over, I’ll be an hour late.” No effort at all. They just don’t care.

    It doesn’t matter to the installer, it’s not his job to contact customers, it isn’t his job to manage his schedule.

    It doesn’t matter to the CSR rep, he has no idea where the tech is, and he can’t call the dispatch office to find out.

    It doesn’t matter to the dispatcher. He knows where the tech is and how far behind schedule the install will be, but he can’t be bothered to have direct customer contact.

  6. waylonrobert says:

    You might want to observe privacy policies by blocking out the names in the scan. While we grow frustrated with customer service reps, having been one before I would not feel comfortable with my name published, without authorization. Understand the CSR’s are working to support their families and can only go by what their employers tell them to do, just like 95% of us who’s worked in the corporate world. Just a thought.

  7. Wargazm says:

    @WillScarlett: First off, there’s nothing honest about cable companies whatsoever. Second, the window of time is what pisses me off. They expect people to take hours off of work when they could just be specific and courteous.

  8. ThinkAboutItPlease says:

    I agree with waylonrobert — the names should be blocked out.

    But I’m curious about what they are rated on. Any chance it is sales?

  9. JohnMc says:

    Disclaimer: I work for a phone company.

    You know, I have watched a lot of stuff go down on telecommunications in 30 years. Some good (like technology) alot bad (Like what everybody is bitching about in this thread). I really need to ask you all something. Who do you really think is the cause of the current state of affairs in customer service? The execs? The CSHs? The Supervisors? Or You?

    Look in the mirror folks for it is YOU. In our head long rush to get a cheaper rate we gave up something. That something is a billable rate that would support techs and reps at a rate that would provide good service. In business there is only so many ways you can squeeze the balloon and deliver good product, good service, profit to the shareholders, etc. If the schmuck across town is delivering a cruddy product but we consumers are falling for it, then what is the guy who attempts to provide good service to do? All he can do is follow suit. Its the spiraling death of ignorance.

    Look in the mirror — the consumer is the to blame for much of this problem.


  10. smac972 says:

    hahahahaha – where did this come from?

    customer: what time will he be here?

    belearguered rep: I can’t promise you a time.

    customer: @#@$$$, I want him here tomorrow at 2:15 cuz my baby’s got asthma!

    beleagured rep: honestly…I have noooo physical way of ensuring that happens.

    customer: blablablablablabla

    rep: (looks at watch realizing that his job depends on keeping calls to an average time)

    customer: Rarararararararletmespeaktosomeoneelse

    supervisor/customer: aologizeapologizeapologizeapologizerarararararararablablablablablabla/sorrysorrysorry

    (9 times out of 10 the supervisor’s job make sure that their reps keep their calls short and not piss anyone off too much – the more calls the more money the company makes – in short the supervisor ususally knows less about the system than the rep)

    End result: The whole system doesn’t change. If there’s no way to schedule an exact time, then that’s the way the system works. The agent can’t fix the system. Everyone obviously knows that people would love to know exactly what time the tech will be there. We’re not policy makers. Accept the system or take your dollar elsewhere.

    For the agent? After being chewed out by his boss for taking too long on his calls, the next call goes like this…..

    Customer: 2:15! Baby asthma! Grrrgrrrr.

    Rep: Hey! No problem!(Now as long as no one monitors this call, I’m golden)

  11. unknownuser101 says:

    You know I will have to agree with JohnMC….I work for cable company and we have run-ins with this same problem. As consumers, people want the world and the kitchen sink for about $1.50 a month. So when it comes down to it people want to pay less so the cuts have to come from somewhere, and the company I work for has come up with a very awesome program that we call the customers 30 minutes ahead of time to make sure they are home or atleast on their way there.

    And as far as the time frame thing, not all people work Monday through Friday, 8-5 so yes, I understand that not all times frames work for alot of people however that’s why we have having 7 day a week calls that are available as well as night appointments. But what needs to be understood is that the weekend/evening appointments are always the first taken. But getting a supervisor on the phone isn’t going to do much good either only because they are still at the mercy of dispatch, who can only work with the times that the techs have available as well.

    But the same still holds true, as my last comment here…….You get alot farther with reps when your nice to them than when you start yelling and swearing at them, cuz I sure as hell don’t like helping someone who thinks they are better than me and start calling me obnoxious names cuz truely those are the people I end up laughing about knowing full well they wont get any farther with anyone else. We are all working class smucks, we all have bad days, I just happen to work for the cable company you hate so much! :)

  12. pythongrail says:

    we have charter communications here in wisconsin. they have a completel monopoly and the state is currently in the process of trying to pass a bill to allow other cable companys in the area to compete with them. you actually have to take the day off of work and stay home just to catch them. they also have some “great offers” like their 19.99 cable for 3 months. untill those months are up, and sudnely your droped with a bombshell of a 50 internet bill, along with the 50 or more, depending on what form of cable you have [i.e. basic ect.] and they recently included their 50 or more telephone service. all together costing you more then a 150 a month. probaly more. buying dsl only cost 20 for the yahoo internet service. flat out, never raised, and you dont have to buy cable for it, and its just as fast. down in southern wisconsin where their are a few other cable companys cable can go as low as 15-20 a month, were as in central/northern wisconsin, it cost around 50.