6 Documents Sprint Reps Have That You Don't That Could Help You Buy Your Next Cellphone

If you’re shopping for a Sprint phone and or plan, you might find this six documents useful handed to us by one of their recently fired customer service reps.

They lay out in very easy to use and search fashion all the current plans and prices for sprint phones, plans and accessories.

There’s also the current promotions (consumer sales update) as well as the ways in which Sprint reps will try to overcome your sales objections.

Voice Data Rate Plan Grid (XLS)
Device Catalog (PDF)
Phone comparison Grid (PDF)
Accessory Pricing Grid (XLS)
Overcoming objections (PDF)
Consumer Sales Update 04/07(PDF)

Informed is empowered. Screenshots inside…

(Photo: Sam Wilkinson)


Voice Data Rate Plan Grid (XLS)


Device Catalog (PDF)


Phone comparison Grid (PDF)


Accessory Pricing Grid (XLS)


Overcoming objections (PDF)


Consumer Sales Update 04/07(PDF)


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  1. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    I always feel so dirty reading this stuff… hehe…

  2. dotyoureyes says:


    My Sprint contract’s up this month, and I’ve been pondering how best to take on the man and get as much as I can from a renewal.

  3. Buran says:

    I just read the “overcoming objections” one and if someone is that pushy with me I just say “no thank you” and hang up. They can’t try to sell to a dial tone.

  4. Thassodar says:

    Did they jack some/most of this stuff from RadioShack? Because when I worked there we had sheets like this posted in the back and had them given to us at the monthly meetings. If I still worked there I’d have no problem “leaking” this info to consumerist.

    Of course now I hate RadioShack because they have shoddy business practices , but who am I but a lowly peon.

  5. mantari says:

    Wow. Quite a number of these are pushy. It is almost like they’re treating a potential customer like a child…

    Objection: Why am I not eligible for a [buy one get one offer]?
    “You are eligible for one phone at this time with Sprint. We have a large variety of phones at great prices, what features are you looking for?”

    …”You are eligble for only one phone. Look! A shiny pebble!”

  6. Scott says:


    You should really look at the SERO plans- Consumerist ran an article last month about the rates. “6 Confessions of a Former Sprint Sales Rep.”

    $50 for 1250 minutes with free data…. you can’t find a better value.

  7. valkin says:

    Can you get one from Cingular? Excuse me, the New AT&T?

  8. sushi1869 says:

    Scott knows where to go! The Sprint SERO plan is practically a steal. You pay for only your voice plan and the rest is unlimited. Beats any deal listed on these documents. All you need to do is get a Sprint employee’s email address.

  9. castlecraver says:

    If customer indicates that the deposit is too high:

    “It is a wonderful investment especially when you know you are getting such a great product.”

    Investment?!? A security deposit on a cell phone is an investment?!? Oh now, really… what kind of idiots does Sprint take us for?

  10. mbrutsch says:

    Objection: Why will I be charged an Early Termination Fee to port from an Affiliate Market?

    “We have affiliate and partners in certain areas of the country who represent Sprint and sell our products and
    services. Although they may appear the same as us, they are legally a different company. Because they are a
    different company, we cannot simply port your account to a Nextel/Sprint phone without you incurring an Early
    Termination Fee from them and an Activation Fee from us.”

    How is this not deceptive? I buy a plan from Sprint, move, and have to pay to switch from Sprint to Sprint, because Sprint isn’t Sprint?

  11. y2julio says:

    @sushi1869: I signed up with the SERO plan by using the CEOs sprint email lol

  12. NeoteriX says:

    I hope our “recently fired friend” wasn’t the same dude who leaked to us all that information a month or so ago :(

  13. BritBoy says:

    This funny :

    “Because they are a different company, we cannot simply port your acoount…..without you incurring …. an Activition Fee from us”

    Regardless of the obvious confusion regarding sprint affiliates’ relationship with sprint, its an outright lie, of course they CAN port without incurring an Activation Fee. Its merely their wish and policy to charge the Activation Fee. This sentence is written as if the Activation Fee is a fundamental principle of physics; “I’m sorry sir, the law gravity requires the Activation Fee. Not even the commander of the USS Enterprise can change the laws of physics”.

    I guess the Capital Letters of Activation Fee also help reinforce that its not just any old lower case ‘fee’, but its a really really important ‘Fee’ deserving of Proper Noun status.
    (lower case ‘s’ is deliberate !)

  14. shdwsclan says:

    Meh, im not sure why it says confidential on the bottom of the pdfs……

    Wow, sprint is doing the same thing that every carrier and retailer is doing. Trying to upsell the customer…nothing new….

  15. ThinkAboutItPlease says:

    That business of “Do you prefer a flip phone or an open-faced phone?” — ignoring the customer’s concern about buying a phone in a store vs. during that call — is so astoundingly insulting. It reminds me of Vinny Ferrari’s attempt to cancel AOL. It totally disrespects the customer, and his or her pocketbook and finances. I don’t understand why businesses have this “attempt to make money, right now, at any and all costs” approach. Wouldn’t they make more money if they focused on true customer satisfaction (inc. respect)? How much business do they lose from this kind of trickery? I know that I will be avoiding Sprint myself.

    Sprint is probably freaking out by seeing this stuff on the internet. If they ran a transparent business, and never tricked a customer, they’d have nothing to worry about.

  16. Ben Popken says:

    @NeoteriX: Nope, different one.

  17. weave says:

    I hope the guy who leaked this is not “Rob.” Otherwise, busted.