Vonage: Consumerist! Save Us From Verizon!

One of Vonage’s friendly PR guys IM’d us the other day to let us know that Vonage was starting a website with the intention of saving themselves from the tyranny of evil known as Verizon. (Dare we speak its name!) We’ve been following this story for what seems like 12 years at this point, so we figured we’d go ahead and link their site.

Do you want to save Vonage? They’re asking people to email Verizon and sign a petition and what not. Don’t know what sort of legal clout a bunch of nasty emails from Consumerist readers has, buy hey. Who are we to judge? If you like Vonage then do whatever you feel you need to do. It also occurs to us that if Vonage loses it might set some unfriendly legal precedents for other companies.

Next time someone writes about a particularly crappy experience with Vonage, however, my how the favors will be called in.

Get some backstory on Vonage’s track-record as well as the lawsuit (in which Verizon patents the internet and hires the best lawyers ever borne by a woman) by clicking here. —MEGHANN MARCO

Free To Compete [Vonage]

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