The Best Of Dell Computer

“Dell Laptop Burned Down My House”
On Monday morning I was heading to work like any other day.. little did I know that my home was being consumed by a raging fire.

Dell Laptop Languishes For A Month, Shipped Back Unrepaired
After a month, the laptop shipped back. Nothing was fixed. The service tag read, “SHIP BACK UNREPAIRED. THANKS!”

AUDIO: Screaming Dell Customer Can’t Figure Out How To Shutdown Laptop (Hint: Hold Down The Power Button…)
The customer comes off as a huge jerk, but it sounds like he’s been bouncing around Dell automated system phone-line hell for quite some time.

Man Sues Dell And Wins… By Serving Court Papers To The Mall Kiosk
“My big issue was, they never wanted to talk to me, never wanted to hear me,” said Dori. “The little guy found a way to hit them in the head with a rock.”

Dell Recalls 4.1M Exploding Laptop Batteries
It is perhaps not coincidental that this comes at a time when laptops are being increasingly viewed as potential terrorist weapons by the FAA.

Help! Get Our Dell Back!
Please tell me there’s a way to get our laptop back (and fixed) from Dell?

Dell Curse-Laden Answering Machine Message
Dell called a customer to arrange a tech support call and after leaving a message, forgets to hang up.


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