Top 5 Online Banks For Customer Satisfaction

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you can try. Here’s a list of the online banks that are trying the hardest.

The Top 10 Biggest Banks for Online Banking Are:

• Bank of America
• Citibank
• SunTrust
• National City
• ING Direct
• Wells Fargo
• Washington Mutual
• Wachovia
• U.S. Bank
• Chase

Of those banks, here are the best ones for customer service:

• Wachovia
• Washington Mutual
• Chase
• Bank of America
• Wells Fargo

The source for this list was the 2007 comScore Online Banking Report, which conducts the survey “based on a massive, global cross-section of more than 2 million consumers who have given comScore permission to confidentially capture their browsing and transaction behavior, including online and offline purchasing.” —MEGHANN MARCO

Wachovia Tops Online Bank Survey; Citibank, WaMu Show Gains [MediaPost]

comScore Reports Increasing Importance of Customer Satisfaction in Online Banking as Industry Matures and Competition Heats Up [comSCORE]
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  1. voltronguy says:

    Odd that USAA isn’t on there, especially since their membership criteria has become more broad in recent years. I have banked with them for 10 years, and their web services were always light years ahead of everyone else.

  2. B says:

    I see when the moneylenders were thrown out of the temple, they didn’t land very far away.

  3. techgeekwill says:

    Im so tired of BoA. Four weeks after opening an account online, and I still haven’t received checks.

  4. eldergias says:

    @techgeekwill: They don’t want you to be able to take your precious precious money away from them.

  5. defectiveburger says:

    they totally overlooked USAA, who won best customer service for the year

  6. pdxguy says:

    @techgeekwill: I gotz yur checkz, spendin yur moneyz

  7. Plaid Rabbit says:

    I used to do phone tech support for the online banking with SunTrust.

    It doesn’t surprise me that they’re not trying all that hard to be the best online banking experience.

  8. humphrmi says:

    From my own experience at Citibank, I’m surprised they’re not in a better rated position customer-service-wise. I’ve always been fairly happy with them, in cases where I’ve had issues their CSRs are willing to take ownership of issues and see them through. But maybe others have had bad experiences with them.

  9. mantari says:

    …2 million consumers who have given comScore permission to confidentially capture their browsing and transaction behavior, including online and offline purchasing…

    Wow. Just WOW.

    Does anyone actually think that all 2 million people know that a third party company, comScore, is capturing all of their offline and online transactions, and studying them?

    Do even 1% of the people know?

  10. tigerjade says:

    Two years ago I’d’ve put BoA at the top for customer service, but there’s been a stunning decline in customer service quality over the last two years. Enough that we pulled up stakes and bailed for a local credit union (which is a good enough reason on its own, but it’s SUCH a pain to switch banks!).

  11. tentimesodds says:

    This is amazing to me because Wachovia’s online banking is primitive compared to BofA. I know BofA makes mistakes a lot, too often, but Wachovia’s website is horrible and you can’t do hardly anything on it. And they miss transactions.

  12. When BofA announced the deal for LaSalle yesterday (day before yesterday?) that became the SECOND TIME IN ONE YEAR one of my accounts has been bought by BofA!!!!

    Apparently I can run, but I can’t hide.

  13. chipslave says:

    I have been pleased with my ING account. Its much better than the HSBC one I had. Sheesh… what a hassle to close it because I didn’t have a branch near me!

  14. Tallanvor says:

    Honestly, the only thing that BofA’s online banking lacks for me is the ability to do wire transfers (the interbank transfer area won’t let you transfer money to international banks). Of course, that’s a huge problem when you’re living overseas and it leaves you with no way to initiate wire transfers.

  15. CRSpartan01 says:

    My only complaint with HSBC is that it takes forever and a year to transfer money. Other than that, they’ve been great to me.

  16. rbb says:

    Technically, Bank of America ceased to exist when they were bought out by NationsBank.

    NationsBank’s rep was not that good to begin with and their name did not have the cachet of BoA. So, they changed names but not the attitude.

  17. maddypilar says:

    @mantari: comScore is a media research company like Nielsen. These people are aware and compensated for their participation in the study.

    Also, I really like my INGdirect account but I have never had to use customer service for anything. I just like all the interest that I have been earning.

  18. enm4r says:

    I have been very pleased with BoA online banking. As mentioned, the capabilities and reliability I have experienced are top notch.

    But USAA, bar none, has the best online banking. Obviously a credit union, and their customer base is smaller, but they have without a doubt the best service, capabilities (deposit checks by scanning them at your house!) and customer service in banking. And no, I do not work for USAA.

  19. saram says:

    I love my ING account, but their customer service isn’t great. I opened one of those electric orange checking accounts, and after a month realized that I hadn’t gotten my debit card in the mail. So one afternoon, while doing homework, I called in to the customer service number. After waiting for a few moments on hold, I put the phone on speaker and returned to my homework. After a while I remembered that my phone was almost dead, so I ended the call – and was shocked to see that I had been holding for 53 minutes. I called back the next day and got an immediate pick up, the CSR was nice (though new), he said he’d cancel my card and send out a new one, and that I’d get it within the week. That was about a month ago, and still no card.

  20. faust1200 says:

    I’m having good luck with HSBC. However, I only use the savings. It’s nice to watch the interest roll in like the evening tide.

    Walmart, RIAA and Comcast don’t want you to click

  21. getjustin says:

    While not on the list, +1 to Compass Bank. I had an account with them until I moved a while back and they were the closest thing to a credit union in terms of service I’d ever seen.

  22. @mantari: I doubt more than a few realized they “agreed” to anything.

    These banks that are handing over people’s financial information to a third party are being praised for customer service. Awesome.

  23. southie says:

    @techgeekwill: I’d be worried that someone off and pilfered my checks. You might want to check with the bank and make sure there’s not been any activity on your account.

    And on a completely different topic, as for Chase being a top 5 online bank, I must only start laughing maniacally. Their customer service equates to eyeballs on glass, with no actual power, nor any actual problem solving skills, straight out of the ‘hood of Hyderabad. Why would you call customer service if they can do jack for you, in a demeaning tone, in an barely audible accent?

  24. zaky says:

    Bank Of America may be the worst bank I have ever dealt with. Ever. If I had to bank with them again, I’d consider just burning all my money.

  25. Hoss says:

    Wachovia Luthurans — don’t give cash, for 2007 you need a receipt for the tax deduction. Checks or credit cards.

  26. ndavies says:

    @mantari: 21% of these people polled said that adding a picture of their choice to their online bank account made them feel more secure.

    You gotta choose carefully though, like a fluffy bunny isn’t going to secure your account nearly as well as Mr.T or Conan the Barbarian.

  27. Bank. Of. America. Sucks.

  28. Trackback says:

    Hey Bank of America! Your ATM Gave Me A Fake $20 Wealth Junkie (who has a blog) received a fake $20 on a routine ATM trip, and didn’t know it was fake until a Costco employee informed him. He brought it back to the bank and they apologized. What is a Secured Credit Card?

  29. landsnark says:

    loquaciousmusic is right – BoA sucks ass.

    I switched to ING Direct online checking, and I am happy as a freaking clam. I loathe banks, and I just love ING. ING generally does right what BoA and other banks do wrong – ING gives you a $250 overdraft line of credit (automatically, not after you discover you need it), they give you a great interest rate instead of the sucky standard 0.00001% or whatever BoA’s current insulting B.S. rate is. List goes on. I love ING.

  30. shdwsclan says:

    I HATE bank of america…..they send me emails to log into my account with a link to my account. Im a lasalle customer, and this is insanity.

    The emails were NOT spam. I checked myself. The URL was right and everything….i even tested ip address and compared web componts from both pages, its the same site….

    Dont the IDIOTS at bank of america know about phishing, or do they just want to confuse customers which will eventually result in their identities being stolen….

  31. mrdelayer says:

    Wachovia’s in the top ten for online banking, all right.

    Unless, of course, you use Opera.

    In which case you’re fucked.

  32. FLConsumer says:

    Mrdelayer: I’ve not had a problem using Wachovia in Opera. Likewise, I see they’ve deployed a new mobile site for those times when I want to check it from my PDA.

  33. micturatedupon says:

    i have a checking and a savings with both BofA and ING Direct…i would use ING exclusively, but, working as a waiter, i need a bank with physical locations to deposit my dough.

    BofA just functions as a holding spot for my money until it gets shuffled off to ING to earn that 5%…

  34. Walkallovaya says:

    I think there’s a trend here and I agree. B of A has precipitously declined in my 6-7 years with them.

    After the MBNA merger, they emailed me, with full account numbers included, to say that they were changing my account number – and never actually did.

    That experience suggested that they’re rocketing downhill. You hope they’re going to stop with the acquisitions and get it together. We’ll see.

  35. rtwigg says:

    @landsnark: Are you happy with ING today after they emailed thousands of customer to lower their overdraft line of credit, or closed their checking accounts?