Skybus Will Try To Mimic Some Other Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers, Just Without The Whole Imploding Aspect

The first thing that comes to mind when reading about the super duper low cost, and low amenity, airlines service offered by Skybus, is Ryanair. They pioneered low-fare short-hauls in Europe, and also levied surcharges luggage, preferential seating and food. The second are People Express and Laker Airways, low-cost carriers that hit big, only to overextend themselves and dissolve. Skybus plans to hold out thanks to $160 million in startup kitty. The airline only has four planes right now, will get four more at the end of the year, and get 65 more delivered by 2012. Maybe by keeping an even keel on a more moderate growth strategy will spare Skybus the fate of its antecedents. — BEN POPKEN

A New Low-Fare Airline on a Web-Only Approach [NYT]
(Photo: Greg Sailor)

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