Make Your Own Replacement Snow Shovel Blade

“This last winter broken snow shovels starting appearing everywhere. I tried to track down replacement parts, but it turns out that replacement scoops don’t seem to exist. So I set about to make a simple replacement scoop using basic tools and found materials,” writes the author of this Instructable.

All you need is a clamp, wrench, vise-grips, hammer, drill bit, nuts and bolts, a flat piece of scrap metal and a scrap metal pipe with a slightly wider diameter than your old shovel stick.

When your neighbors look at you crazy for making a snow shovel in the spring summer, you can take pleasure in the quiet satisfaction of your preparedness. What was that one about the ant and grasshopper…

Like iPods, the makers of snow shovels want you to buy a new one every year. Fight this planned obsolescence by making your own, sturdy, metal, snow shovel blade replacement. — BEN POPKEN

Broken snow shovel scoop replacement [Instructables]

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