JetBlue CEO Interested In In-flight Text Messaging

David “Mortified” Neeleman, CEO of JetBlue stopped apologizing for long enough to express interest in in-flight text messaging, according to CNET:

David Neeleman, founder and chief executive of JetBlue, said text communications could prove attractive but agrees with the misgivings of many U.S. airline executives about the onboard use of cell phones for voice calls.

A representative for JetBlue told that in-flight text messaging could happen in the near future and that if the company allows cell phones on its flights, then they will only be used as “silent options”–meaning passengers would be allowed to send and receive text messages and listen to voice mail, but incoming and outgoing calls would be barred.

Perhaps we’re dumb but doesn’t listening to voicemail require…calling your voicemail? Anyway, the article doesn’t mention how this system will work. Honor system? Please guys, txt only, for reals. —MEGHANN MARCO

In-flight texts to take off in the U.S.? [CNet]

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